Thursday, March 17, 2011

Democratic State Chairman Dan Parker Calls for Return of Durham Political Contributions

On the heels of yesterday's indictment of businessman Timothy Durham comes a renewed call by Indiana State Democratic Chairman Dan Parker for Republican candidates to return campaign contributions they received from Durham.   While some have returned the money, others such as Speaker Brian Bosma and Gov. Mitch Daniels have refused.  They argue that the money was received years ago and has been spent. 

It is not an argument wholly without merit.  But appearances mean everything in politics and to those folks who lost their life savings investing in Durham's alleged Ponzi scheme, the sight of officeholders making excuses to not return the Durham cash is particularly galling.  Right now it is an Ohio issue, where the majority of investors are located, but Parker may succeed in making it an Indiana issue. 

When faced with news of the Durham fraud, Republican Marion County Sheriff candidate Tim Motsinger,
immediately decided to return the Durham money even though it meant the end of his campaign.  People like Daniels and Bosma have active campaign finance accounts with substantial cash.  The money could and should be returned.   It is the right thing to do.


Diana Vice said...

The New York Times reported on the political contributions this morning, so it will only be a matter of time before it makes the national talk shows.

Paul K. Ogden said...

It won't end well. Those pols should be doing everything they can to return the money, especially if they're still in office and capable of returning it out of their existing funds or money they can raise.