Tuesday, February 15, 2011

North of South Job Development; Republicans on Economic Development Committee Sell Out City's Taxpayers

I watched the Economic Development Committee debate tonight over the No-So project in which the City of Indianapolis has pledged nearly $100 million to support a project deemed too risky by every lender who looked at it.

Councilor Joanne Sanders and a member of the public decried the service industry jobs being created as minimum jobs that quite likely are part-time.

Councilors Mike McQuillen and Aaron Freeman criticized the comments...saying that any job is better than job.

I would agree with that IF these were jobs created by the private sector. Rather, in this case, these private sector jobs are being created by the City taxpayers being put on the hook for nearly $100 million. If we taxpayers are going to incur that sort of risk, we taxpayers should be getting a good return and that means much better jobs than those that pay minimum wage.

Watching the performance of Michael McQuillen, Aaron Freeman and Jeff Cardwell tonight was downright embarrassing to Republicans. (I so look forward to a council next year without McQuillen.) They couldn't care less about standing up for taxpayers. Rather it was a liberal Democrat, Joanne Sanders decrying the fact that taxpayers were being asked to incur that sort of risk. Two Democrats (I'm not sure which ones) also voted with the Republican majority, apparently persuaded by the MBE 15% promise. From what I heard, former Mayor and Lilly Executive Bart Peterson has been making calls to Democrats trying to persuade them to vote for the deal.

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