Thursday, December 23, 2010

Councilors Kept in Dark on Mayor Ballard Administration's Early Retirement Program

Recently I had the opportunity to watch a committee of the Indianapolis City-County Council discuss whether to adopt an early retirement program for city/county employees. The proposal passed committee and was recently approved by the full council. It left me wondering about the "how" this proposal was handled by the Ballard administration.

To enact the early retirement program, the administration needed council approval. Instead of introducing the proposal for consideration by the Council, the administration developed the program and then went to the employees to sign up. That sign-up period concluded at the end of November. The resolution for the early retirement program was not even introduced into the Council until that period had expired. So much for councilors being able to communicate with their constitutions who city or county employees.

The approach shows a disturbing lack of respect for members of the Indianapolis City-County Council. Apparently the administration simply views the Council as their personal rubber-stamp that will approve anything the administration sends over.

Here's an idea for the Ballard administration: develop a working relationship with councilors, including dare I say Democrats, and work with them to get bipartisan support for your proposals. In doing so, it might be helpful to communicate with those councilors, representatives of the public, before you finalize programs.

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Citizen Kane said...

Were you even able to discern why they were even proposing it to begin with. Many city employees were perplexed as the early retirement proposal came out of nowhere.