Saturday, November 13, 2010

Council Republican Proposes Extending Indianapolis' Vehicle Excise and Wheel Taxes

Indianapolis' wheel tax and vehicle excise tax were set to sunset on January 1, 2011. Late last week, Council Vice-President Marilyn Pfisterer, a Republican who represents the west side of Indianapolis, introduced Resolution 294, 2010 to extend those taxes for eight more years, until 2019.

Is there anyone who thinks that these tax extensions are not being pushed by Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard's administration? Ballard has never met a tax or fee he didn't want to raise...or in this case, continue.

Here's what's going to happen folks. Democrats are going to support the elimination of these taxes, while Ballard puts Republican Councilors in a position of voting lock-step for more taxes going into an election year. Is Ballard intentionally trying to lose the election?


Jon said...

So the question I have to ask is where is the money really going? We all know it won't go where it is appropriated.
As an aside, what happened to the mayorial candidate whose was going to stop the ole boy network and roll back Peterson's cagit increase?

Unigov said...

Wouldn't need to raise taxes if they hadn't spent all our money on sports franchises, hotels, and shopping malls.

Off topic - take a look btw at prop 298, on towing. Ryan Vaughn is out of his mind, people and businesses in the old USSR had less regulation - to-wit:

"It shall be unlawful for any wrecker to proceed to the scene of an accident for solicitation
purposes without having been summoned by either party involved in the accident or an officer at the scene of the accident."

So if I have a wreck and a tow-truck happens to be nearby and sees it, he cannot offer to help ? Where does the government get this much power ?

Link to proposal:

Paul K. Ogden said...


I saw the proposal. I think the language you have quoted is part of the existing law. When you read the ordinance, the underlined is the new stuff, the marked out stuff is the stuff being deleted. The rest is existing language designed to give context.

My guess is the language you complain of is never enforced.

Nonetheless, from reading Vaughn's ordinance proposal it looks like to me that he's trying to establish a no-bid monopoly for city wrecker services...eliminating the multiple companies that currently provide those services.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Councilor Bob Lutz is the legal representative for Zores, Inc. Isn't that a towing operation?

Paul K. Ogden said...

Zore's does towing. I think someone on the council also has family that is in the towing business. Not sure who.

Cato said...

Creating monopolies and selling them off is the Republican version of "privatization."

Unigov said...

I heard this somewhere and don't know if it's a conspiracy theory or not, but the plan is when the ACS parking deal goes through, when the meter runs out you won't get a ticket - your car will be towed.

That concept meshes with Paul's comment that:

"...he's trying to establish a no-bid monopoly for city wrecker services..."

Citizen Kane said...

Unigov, I will guarantee that you will be towed - even if the meter is not expired. They will falsify records and defraud citizens at every turn. These are a group of black-hooded thieves that will strip of us everything they can get their hands on at every available opportunity. Oh, and of course, the councilors and all of their cronies will be able to park wherever and whenever they want.

Blog Admin said...

Unigov, unless they have a contract stating so, they won't make $$ off of towing.

They do, however, make $$ off of tickets that they write.

Downtown Indy said...

Oh, but they might just tip off a certain towing company if there's a car to be towed... for a cut of the tow bill.

Jon said...

Slightly off topic, my wife got a ticket for 35 in a 25 (school zone). Not only did it take IMPD six weeks to enter the ticket but they have the gall to charge us a 5 dollar service charge for paying the ticket over the phone. For cripes sakes it is a 150 dollar ticket!

I guess to IMPD any revenue is good revenue...

Downtown Indy said...

The fee for paying by phone is probably taken by the vendor who operates the phone system.

Another 'benefit' of privatization.

I checked into paying my property tax by phone earlier in the month and it's a hoot! Pay a flat fee of $2.50 PLUS (get this) 2% of the tax amount PLUS if you use a credit card!

Yeah, privatization is a good thing.

Hoosier in the Heartland said...

Even IUPUI now charges extra for paying tuition with a credit card.

Will the wonders never cdease?

Sean Shepard said...

Republicans continue to disappoint in the areas of not REALLY being for small government and low (or no) taxes.

I prefer use fees over most other taxes but if something is set to expire, let it expire unless something else can be gotten rid of in its place.

How are they coming on getting rid of the rest of Peterson's 65% (62% left to be cut) tax increase? I believe there was some kind of promise to repeal that ... waiting ... but not holding my breath.

Jon said...

Re: Peterson's increase in the CAGIT (County Adjusted Income Tax) was more like 80%; was 0.80% percent and increased to 1.65%.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Jon, I believe it could be wrong, but I think it was 1% to 1.65%..hence the 65% increase.

Jon said...

The part I don't remember is whether or not there was an increase on July 1 to raise the rate from 0.8 to 1.0. Regardless in June it was 0.8 and in October the rate increased to 1.65.

Sean Shepard said...

The Marion County tax rate was 1.0% prior to the 65% Peterson's increse which made the rate 1.65%.

Subsequent to that, in the last three years the Republicans have successfully whittled a whopping .03 off of that 1.65 to make it 1.62. I believe there were promises to work very hard to get the rate back down to 1.0%

2008 F
2009 A
2010 I
2011 L ???

Had Enough Indy? said...

Sean - yes, the token rollback was just so they could say they did, and let folks assume it was actually a significant amount.

Just FYI - this proposal passed out of committee unanimously - so I guess everyone but the taxpayers want to keep this tax. Too bad Vaughn&Co spent all the extra money on their well connected friends and now can't bear to let them sunset.

I looked these taxes up in the recently enacted budget, and for 2011 they expect revenue for the wheel tax and vehicle excise taxes to amount to about $26 million. Extending the sunset provision allows the County to collect the money for next year's budget (after passing that budget, mind you) and avoid cutting the overall budget by a whopping 2.3%.

$33.5 million to the Pacers/Simons
$93 million for the No-So developer
$15 million for Eli Lilly

No tax relief for the poor schmoes who have to live through this recession.

It adds up.

Unknown said...

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