Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Marion County Election Results Do Not Bode Well for Ballard Second Term

If Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard decides to run for a second term, he can't be comforted by the performance of last night's Republican county-wide candidates. While a Republican tsunami hit the Hoosier state, only a light breeze could be felt in Marion County. Republican countywide candidates ran better than in a typical year, but all, including county prosecutor candidate Mark Massa, backed by Governor Mitch Daniels and a ton of money, fell well short of victory.

I don't think anyone believes Greg Ballard has anything close to the candidate skills that Mark Massa possesses. While Massa did have to carry some of the Brizzi scandal-laced baggage, Ballard has been piling up his own baggage during his first three years in office. Imagine Ballard trying to defend numerous tax/fee increases while promising as a candidate not to raise taxes, a $33.5 million gift to the Pacers, IMPD scandals and endless junkets to exotic locales. Marion County Democratic Chairman Ed Treacy's only dilemma is trying to narrow down the possible options so as to not clutter the anti-Ballard message.

Mayor Ballard's only chance of winning re-election was to take his fortunate victory of 2007 and be a Mayor who changed the insider establishment game played for decades by Indianapolis mayors of both political stripes. He could have become a new kind of mayor, one who put the people and neighborhoods ahead of the downtown elite crowd. Mayor Ballard didn't do that though. He instead shunned the people who helped him get elected and who could have led his administration in a different (and winning) direction in favor of those insiders who are simply using the Mayor's political naivety to line their pockets and their friends' pockets.

If Mark Massa, as a Republican, can't win a county-wide office in a huge Republican year, how exactly is Mayor Ballard going to win election in 2011 when the rebound from the 2010 Republican landslide has set in? The answer is he won't. Council Republicans need to start thinking about winning their districts instead of rubberstamping an unpopular mayoral agenda being advanced solely to make insiders rich.


guy77money said...

Well folks time to stick a fork in the Republicans in Marion county, they are on their way to being well done. Even if they take your advice and change their (not with the current leadership makeup) direction, the county is still headed down the Democratic highway for years to come. Button down the hatches folks any tax or fee that not tied down will be raised to make up for the property tax caps.

Off the subject for a minute:

Hey Paul since I know your a fellow baseball fan I read some bad news on Sparky Anderson today.From ESPN: "Former Detroit Tigers and Cincinnati Reds manager Sparky Anderson has been placed in hospice care at his Thousand Oaks, Calif., home for complications resulting from dementia". I wasn't a Reds fan but the guy was one of the best and nicest managers that baseball has ever seen. He managed back in the fun days when baseball hadn't been taken over by greedy players and owners and playoff games ended at a decent time. The Big Red Machine ruled back in the 70's! My prayers go out to his family and anybody else who has dealt with family members who have had dementia.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Yeah, Guy, someone sent me the link. That's sad. Dementia is a pretty awful thing for someone to go through at the end of their life. I read a book about the 1975 season with the Big Red Machine. There were a lot of good Sparky Anderson stories in there...including a touching one how he became estranged and later made up with his rebellious son.

Unigov said...

Wow. That brings back a lot of great memories about Sparky Anderson. He's a class act and a great manager. The Reds were unstoppable back in the early 70's and then he went on to great things at Detroit.

I just read some of his stats - he was the 1st manager to achieve 600 career wins as a manager in both the American and National Leagues. That reminds me of another class act - Frank Robinson - who is the only player to win League MVP honors in both the NL and AL.

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