Friday, October 22, 2010

Prosecutor Candidate Mark Massa's $1,000 Club

This is a list of contributors who have given Marion County Republican Prosecutor Candidate Mark Massa more than $1,000. I have included the most recent regular pre-general election report as well as the supplemental reports filed since. Sorry I can never get Blogger to do columns or any other kind of formatting.


Type Last Name First Name Amount Job
Individual Ackey Richard 2,500 Executive
Individual Alley Michael 1,000 Executive
Individual Anderson Devin 3,500 Executive
Individual Aziz Sherif 2,500 Executive
Individual Barrett William 1,500 Attorney
Individual Barth Michael 1,000 Executive
Individual Betz Holly 2,000 Executive
Individual Browne William (Jr.) 1,000 Executive
Individual Burdick Brian 1,258 Attorney
Individual Carter Cameron 1,500 Executive
Individual Clark Murray 1,750 Attorney
Individual Cochran Kendall 1,650 Executive
Individual Crage Kenny 1,000 Executive
Individual Dickman Theodore 1,700 Executive
Individual Dilts Michael 1,000 Executive
Individual Downey Mark 1,000 Executive
Individual Fehsenfeld Fred Mehlert 5,000 Executive
Individual Finch Robert 1,000 Executive
Individual Freihofer Walter 1,000 Executive
Individual Frick David 1,000 Attorney
Individual Goad Robert 10,000 Executive
Individual Goad Robert (II) 2,500 Student
Individual Godby Thomas 1,000 Executive
Individual Goldman Steve 1,000 Executive
Individual Gonso Harry 1,500 Attorney
Individual Goode Earl 1,000 Executive
Individual Grand Robert 2,758 Attorney
Individual Griffith Perry 1,500 Executive
Individual Gutting James 1,000 Attorney
Individual Hammond John (III) 5,100 Attorney
Individual Hawk Robert 2,500 Executive
Individual Hefner Thomas 1,000 Executive
Individual Hennessey Richard 1,000 Executive
Individual Hinton Michael 2,500 Executive
Individual Hoover John David 2,050 Attorney
Individual Hubbard Alan 12,000 Executive
Individual Johnson Blake 4,000 Executive
Individual Jones Steven W. 1,500 Executive
Individual Keeler John 1,000 Attorney
Individual Kite Al 3,430 Executive
Individual Knowles Marlin (Jr.) 1,600 Executive
Individual Lange Alexander 2,500 Executive
Individual Loftus Joseph 1,258 Attorney
Individual Longest James 3,000 Executive
Individual MacAllister P.E. 3,000 Executive
Individual Massa Donald 3,000 Executive
Individual Melich Nicholas 1,000 Executive
Individual Morris James T. 7,500 Executive
Individual Mutz John 2,000 Retired
Individual Myers Byron 1,000 Attorney
Individual Nugent (cont. returned) Peter 1,350 Executive
Individual Reilley Thomas 2,500 Retired
Individual Sandlin Jack 1,150 Executive
Individual Schenberg Ted 2,500 Executive
Individual Sebring Les 2,000 Executive
Individual SerVaas Beurt 4,000 Executive
Individual Shane Anne 1,500 Civic Leader
Individual Sherman Dollyne 1,500 Executive
Individual Shiel Andrew 1,000 Executive
Individual Simon David 1,000 Executive
Individual Simon Skjodt Cindy 12,800 Executive
Individual Sinclair James 1,500 Executive
Individual Slusser Jerry 10,000 Executive
Individual Sondhi Jason 1,000 Executive
Individual Spahn James 5,000 Physician
Individual Steel G. Donald 1,100 Executive
Individual Thomas Robert P. 10,000 Executive
Individual Von Arx John (III) 1,000 Executive
Individual Weaver Michael E. 12,000 Executive
Individual Whitaker John 1,150 Executive
Individual Wiley Joe Bill 1,100 Executive
Individual Woo Daniel 1,000 Executive
Individual Yerkes Wendy 1,000 Executive
Individual Zink Darrell (Jr.) 4,000 Executive
Loan Todd Rokita Election Cmte 25,000
Non-Indiv. Aiming Higher PAC 60,000
Non-Indiv. Baker and Daniels 5,158
Non-Indiv. Borror for State Rep. 1,000
Non-Indiv. Bose McKinney & Evans 2,500
Non-Indiv. Bowen Engineer Corp. 1,000
Non-Indiv. Brightpoint Eclipse Indiana (returned $500) 2,500
Non-Indiv. Carlisle Insurance Agency 1,000
Non-Indiv. Cmte to Elect Paul Ricketts 5,000
Non-Indiv. David Long for State Senate 6,000
Non-Indiv. DLZ Indiana, LLC 5,000
Non-Indiv. Duke Energy 1,000
Non-Indiv. ESG Security 1,000
Non-Indiv. FOP PAC 3,600
Non-Indiv. Friends of Mike McQuillen 5,000
Non-Indiv. Frost Brown Todd 1,000
Non-Indiv. Garrison Law Firm 1,000
Non-Indiv. Ginovus 2,000
Non-Indiv. Hall Render Killian 1,000
Non-Indiv. Hirons & Co. ($3,000 returned) 5,200
Non-Indiv. Hoosier Supporting Buyer for Congress 1,000
Non-Indiv. Indiana Merit-Construction 2,000
Non-Indiv. Indiana Multi Family Housing 1,000
Non-Indiv. Indiana Republican State Cmte 5,209
Non-Indiv. Indpls Metro Bd of Realtors 2,000
Non-Indiv. K&L Logistics 2,000
Non-Indiv. Lewis & Wilkins 2,861
Non-Indiv. Local No. 150-IUOE PAC 2,000
Non-Indiv. Macallister Realty LLC 1,000
Non-Indiv. MC Republican Party Central Cmte 40,000
Non-Indiv. MKM Distribution Services 2,000
Non-Indiv. Northeast GOP PAC 2,000
Non-Indiv. NPC Leasing, LLC 2,500
Non-Indiv. NRA-Political Victory Fund 1,000
Non-Indiv. Nursing Home Real Estate Group 1,000
Non-Indiv. Paul Mannweiler Cmte 1,000
Non-Indiv. Payless Liquors ($500 returned) 2,500
Non-Indiv. Poindexter Excavating 2,000
Non-Indiv. REI Real Estate Services, LLC 10,000
Non-Indiv. Steve Carter for AG 1,000
Non-Indiv. Tabbert Hahn Ping Global Strategies 1,267
Non-Indiv. Teresa Lubbers for State Senate 1,000
Non-Indiv. Todd Rokita Election Cmte 25,000
Non-Indiv. Torr for State Rep. 1,000
Non-Indiv. Trucking Industry PAC 1,500
Non-Indiv. Unicare Life & Health Ins. Co. 2,000
Non-Indiv. United Surety Agents 1,000
Non-Indiv. Vision Concepts 5,000
Non-Indiv. Weaver Popcorn 1,000
Non-Indiv. Zink Properties, LLC 10,000
Returned Cont. Keefe Maureen 1,000
Returned Cont. Mackey Larry 1,000
Returned Cont. Newman Scott 800
Returned Cont. Riggins Kenneth 100
Supplemental Appel Daniel 1,000
Supplemental Barnes & Thornburg 1,000
Supplemental Barrett William 2,500 Executive
Supplemental Bislich Jeff 3,000 Engineer
Supplemental Chanceloor Steven W. 1,000
Supplemental Cmte to Elect Ryan Vaughn 2,500
Supplemental Downey Mark 1,000 Executive
Supplemental Frick David 1,000 Attorney
Supplemental Greg Ballard for Mayor 3,000 Executive
Supplemental Hancock Frank 1,000 Executive
Supplemental Heerens Joseph 1,000 Executive
Supplemental Ind. Republican State Cmte 50,000
Supplemental Indpls Airport Development 5,000
Supplemental KEI Construction, LLC 1,000
Supplemental Mahoney John G. 1,000 Executive
Supplemental Maron Co. Republican Central Cmte 2,500
Supplemental McNeely J. Lee 1,000 Attorney
Supplemental Mike Pence Cmte 5,000
Supplemental Nursing Home Real Estate Group 3,000
Supplemental Oesterle William 10,000 Executive
Supplemental Petri Christine 1,000
Supplemental Schneider W.E. 1,000 Executive
Supplemental Seeney James (II) 2,500 Attorney
Supplemental Semler Jerry 1,000 Executive
Supplemental Thomas Robert P. 5,000 Executive
Supplemental Throgmartin Jerry 1,000 Executive
Supplemental Turner Michael 1,000 Executive
Supplemental Wade James (Jr.) 1,000 Executive
Supplemental Wood Richard D. 1,000 Retired
Supplemental Woodard Turner 1,000 Executive


Gary R. Welsh said...

Yeah, That's a certified list of the pay-to-play crowd. Many on that list would be the focus of any criminal investigation looking at the pay-to-play scandal that is taking place within the Ballard administration. I take it they've been given assurances from Massa he will not investigate how Ballard's administration has auctioned off city hall the past 3 years. They got their guy in the U.S. Attorney's office so they're covering all their bases to make sure we don't see investigations like we see in Chicago of this type of public corruption. Our only hope will rest with the Public Integrity Section of the Justice Department in D.C., assuming Massa wins the prosecutor's race.

Blog Admin said...

He returned Scott Newman's donation?

Gary R. Welsh said...

He also returned Larry Mackey's, but he accepted money from Mackey's firm, Barnes & Thornburg. Newman is now lobbying for ESG Security, the firm that is being outrageously overpaid for security work for the CIB. ESG shows up with a $1,000 contribution.

Paul K. Ogden said...


True, I don't think Mackey's was above $1,000 which is why I didn't list it. It was interesting though.

Indy Rover said...

This comparison is a little like apples to oranges regarding the defense attorney situation.

If you look at the lower amount contributions, you will see gobs of defense attorney contributions for Curry. Some of them gave multiples times. After all the Paul Page crap hit the fan, Curry limited defense attorney contributions to $250, while Massa banned them entirely. That is my understanding, but correct me if i am wrong.

Incidentally, one of Curry's 1k donor's, Hugh Baker, is a partner to none other than....Paul Page.

Another, Nancy Broyles, was the commissioner for Grant Hawkins, and the one who fell on the sword in the whole fiasco where Hawkins didn't release the guy who had been exonerated and then lied to the Disciplinary Commission about the incident.

And am I reading it correctly that Barnes and Thornburg gave more to Curry than to Massa?

As for Massa's donors, you and Advance Indiana know the players so much better than I, so I will defer to your knowledge.

Paul K. Ogden said...


A lot of times law firms give through their partners, than in the name of the law firm. That makes it hard to compare.

As bad as defense attorneys contributing a thousand or less here and there, I'd be a lot more concerned about government contractors who might be prosecuted giving tens of thousands of dollars. There is no reason for those people to be contributing in a prosecutor's race that should have nothing to do with their work. It strongly suggests that there is a fear of prosecution in the pay to play business community.

I know said...

The last entry you posted here should be applied to several situations you know.

All seems pretty standard activity in the Republican Party in Indiana. Kind of like the Governor's staffer that told my wife and I the Governor does not have time for the little people in Indiana when OLD money in Indiana is more important to him.

Maybe the poor administrator you keep calling out wants it that way. Put a bunch of young kids in charge with no experience and who is their puppet master? What law firm, what master in the law firm and what is the cover being used?

Pretty simple. Use the young inexperienced to place the blame on when the pressure comes too close.

You all need to clean up the mess!