Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Guess Who Is Lobbying the the Mayor for Buckingham North of South Development?

Hat tip to Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana on this one.

Well it all makes sense now. Guess who is the lobbyist for Buckingham Company? Remember, Buckingham is the company which, when it couldn't get financing for the near southside "North of South" project deemed too risky by every bank Buckingham approached, got the City to pledge $86 million dollars in financing, using our property tax dollars of course.

If your guess is Tom John, Marion County Republican Chairman, you'd be right.

Tom John is on the City's website as a lobbyist for Buckingham. The particular agencies he will be lobbying are the Bond Bank, the Department of Metropolitan Development and the Office of the Mayor.

There is an obvious conflict when the county chairman, who has a great deal of say over the fate of Republican elected officials in the county, is lobbying Republicans for the project, even though it may well not be in the party's best interest to support it.

Here's what the page says. I thought I should post it in case Tom John pulls a Ryan Vaughn and has the page erased.


Real Party in Interest: Buckingham Companies
Termination Date:
Subject Matter(s): property interests

Full Legal Name of Employer: Buckingham Companies
Common Name or Acronym of Employer: Buckingham
Business Address: 941 N. Meridian Street
Business City: Indianapolis
State: IN
Zip Code: 46204
Phone: 317-554-6740
Web Site:
Termination Date:
Compensation Amount:

Subject Matter of Engagement Related Agencies
property interests

- Bond Bank
- Department of Metropolitan Development
- Office of the Mayor


Blog Admin said...

I saved the page onto my hard drive. But I don't think it'll be erased. This administration loves to put it's conflicts of interest out in front!

dcrutch said...

I despise fairy-tale economics with no standards of personal accountability. Unfortunately, that definition is now perfectly apt for the Marion county Republican party.

These guys are genuinely devoid of shame. Please let me know when the Melina Kennedy lawn signs are ready.

Baloo said...

The property is owned by Eli Lilly, at least that is what was reported. Why is the City financing projects to be built on Private Property for a fortune 500 company? I have asked local business owners whom are struggling right now if the City has financed anything for them, they all answered "no."
The City has made numerous budget cuts during these hard economic times, but yet we seem to have money for Sports Teams, and to Fund a Project for Eli Lilly.

Sadly Mayor Ballard has become Mayor Peterson Part II.

Downtown Indy said...

Yes, the land is owned by Lilly.

Address: 301 S DELAWARE ST
Parcel Number: 1100043
Township: CENTER
Current Tax Due: $0.00

The entire parcel is the Delaware/Alabama/South/Louisiana boudned block PLUS all the land north of there, south of the railroad and west of Virginia/north of Louisiana.

(Louisiana St is an obscure little street/alley going E/W through the parking lot)