Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Democrats Roll-Out Anti-Mayor Ballard Commercial; Strategy is to Tarnish All Republicans With Ballard Political Missteps

I've been complaining about this for about two years now...those offering political advice to Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard are 1) incredibly stupid; 2) or couldn't care less whether he or the Republican majority on the Council is re-elected. Ballard has taken actions that have set up the Democrats beautifully on issue after issue, apparently a fact that is not lost on Marion County Democratic Chairman Ed Treacy. Treacy must be so giddy that he couldn't wait until 2011 to start rolling out the anti-Mayor Ballard ads. His strategy is clear...he's going to use the Mayor foolish political moves to tarnish ALL Republican candidates.


Cato said...

When I think Republican, I think Ballard, Bush, Brizzi, Mitch, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Kristol, Gonzales, Goodling, Grand, Loftus, Irsay, Powell at the U.N., etc.

I also think about Fleischer and Rove attacking the Ron Paul wing.

I think about the Bush bailouts:

Airlines - 2001. $19 Billion.

Bear Stearns - 2008. $30 Billion.

Freddie/Fannie - 2008. $400 Billion.

AIG - 2008. $180 Billion.

Car companies - 2008. $25 Billion.

TARP - 2008. $700 Billion.

Citigroup - 2008. $280 Billion.

It's time to admit just what the Republicans are - corporate agents.

Just what is attractive about the Republicans, again?

Cato said...

That complaint about Camrys being a foreign car is ridiculous. The Camry is the #1 selling car in America, and almost every one sold in the U.S. is made 160 miles from Indy in Georgetown, KY.

If I had my way, the cops would be in Corollas. A proper-sized car might give these thugs a proper attitude. We can certainly improve on fuel efficiency with a four cylinder.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Sorry, Cato, that all Republcians are guilty by what some foolish leaders of the GOP have done doesn'twork with me. When you go out to Republican meetings in the county you meet plenty of Republicans who don't beloieve their party's job is to be "corporate agents" and despite corporate welfare. Saying those folks are "corporate agents" is nonsense.

Cato said...

Paul, the Republicans out in the counties elected Dan Coats as their Senate candidate. He's anti-gun, pro-war, pro-censorship, pro-bailout.

You can tell me about how great some backwoods Republican is, but he doesn't get elected to anything of importance.

The reality of the Republicans are the people the actually elect. You will find few (one) limited-government advocates among them.

You might be philosophically more comfortable if you admitted what Republicans truly are.

M Theory said...

LOL...The Dems did a great job of highlighting the issues that the people are complaining about.

Funny thing is, that Ballard did the same thing before he was in office. He talked like he was one of us before the election, then after elected, his new best friends were Brizzi and the elites.

If the democrats get into the power, everyone knows they will do the same thing. That's how they roll. Look at Peterson.

I'm hoping that a moral independent with strong executive experience will approach the Libertarians for a run.

Downtown Indy said...

It's nothing new. After all, a couple of nutcases can profess to be 'tea partiers' or espouse nazi views and voila, the Dems are out beating their drum that ALL tea partiers are nutcases and nazis.

Broad-brush prejudiced thinking like that doesn't seem very 'liberal' does it?

Cato said...

In more kooky Republican news, Bill Bennett pens an editorial urging Californians to vote against Prop 19 and impugns the tv show "Weeds."

Nobody hates freedom like a Republican.

This is true, actually. A recent poll showed that Republicans were the most opposed to marijuana legalization.

So, yes, Paul, all Republicans are bad, because it takes so darn long to find a good one, and that good one has lots of bad friends.

Baloo said...

While I am anything but a fan of a man whom lied about taxes, and what he was going to do, Mayor Ballard. I have to ask why the Democrats did not place such an ad when Bart Peterson was in Office. He gave billions to the Colts, Gave money to the Simons to build their Headquarters, Gave money to the Hilton's, to build hotels. Crime was higher, I could go on and on.

My question is why trash a Mayor whom is just continuing on the Paterson administration?

I too am not a fan of Bush, but let's remember all the 2008 bailouts whom was in control of the House and Senate, wasn't Republicans. Let's look at how many more bailouts have happened since 2008 as well. The highest tax raise in US history is about to take place under the Healthcare act.

It's time to admit both Democrats and Republicans only care about making their wallets fatter, and the wallets of their buddies.

It's time to remember both Democrats and Republicans could care less about Americans. Both want nothing but to spit on and tear up the Constitution.