Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mayor on Pacer $33.5 Million Deal: "It Wasn't Even Close"

I had heard that the Mayor would be on Abdul's show this morning and decided to listen. If the Democrats are wanting campaign fodder, all they have to do is tune in to listen to the Mayor's performance on the radio.

On the Pacer deal, Mayor Ballard said "it wasn't even close" when it came to the decision to hand the billionaire Simons family $33.5 million of our tax dollars. Really? Let's put aside the fact the $130 million penalty that precluded any reason to be at the negotiating table. The Mayor thinks it is a no brainer that the taxpayers should have to pick up on the operating costs for a building they built, in which the Pacers play for free and which the team gets to keep all the profits from? While we're at it Mayor, let's ignore all those academic studies out there that say professional sports are a bad investment for local government...you're essentially just moving around discretionary spending from one part of the community to another. I'm sure that an insider study by Hunden, which promotes the hospitality industry, is so much more believable than those produced by university economists. (FYI, that was sarcasm.)

When asked about whether the Pacer deal might have crowded out other city priorities like the bus service, the libraries and the parks, the Mayor assured the listeners that didn't happen as the Pacers $33.5 million came from a "different pot" than those services.

I can't wait for the Mayor to try to to sell the "different pot" theory to the voters. Voters are savvy enough to know that it doesn't matter what government pot the money ultimately lands in, the money comes from only one source - their pockets. The Mayor's re-election strategy apparently is based on the voters being stupid.

The Mayor also hinted at a substantial shortfall in tax revenue that will greatly affect the city's budget. I guess handing out piles of tax dollars out in corporate welfare hasn't boosted the local economy like the Mayor thought it would.

I finally had to turn it off - it was just too much to take. I didn't hear anything that remotely suggested that the Greg Ballard we Republicans helped elect in November of 2007 is actually a Republican. What is most sad though is the Mayor is so incredibly naive about politics that he's clueless that the people around him are stuffing their pockets with taxpayer money while dooming his own re-election.


Cato said...

The Dumb Republicans in this state are running a jockockracy. The crop we have is so stupid that they see no path to the legitimacy of a city than with sports teams.

They'd better take a look 180 miles East, because Columbus is cleaning Indy's clock and doing it largely without pro sports.

I guess they did pick up a NHL team.

M Theory said...

Aren't all the pots coming from the taxpayer wallet?

dcrutch said...

I'm not voting for Rev. Moja Ajabu for mayor. But, this side of somebody that severe is looking much better than the prospects of Ballard or Kennedy. Truthfully, I'd vote for the milkman, mailman, anybody that is exposed to the real public and real life.

I thought it was Ballard. I voted for him. I sent money to his campaign. But, I swear it seems like somebody with a lot of smoke, fire, and a maniacal laugh cut a deal with him.