Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mayor Ballard's Administration Proposes Doubling Parking Fees; Hands Democrats More Campaign Fodder

The administration of RINO Mayor Greg Ballard has proposed doubling parking rates in the city. The Indianapolis Business Journal reports:

Downtown and Broad Ripple parking rates would double by 2012 under a city proposal to privatize Indianapolis’ parking operations.

City leaders unveiled details of the plan for the first time at a meeting Tuesday evening, in which they said hourly rates could rise from 75 cents to as much as $1.50 in Broad Ripple and some busy downtown areas.

A long-term lease deal and the additional revenue generated by higher fees would help the city repair streets, sidewalks and alleys in those areas. In addition, the extra money would cover the costs needed to install meters that accept credit cards.

Parking meters already add more than $4 million per year to city coffers. Privatization could double or triple that amount—or generate a lump sum payment of at least $100 million through a long-term lease.

Besides higher meter rates, metered hours would extend to 9 p.m. in busier downtown areas and to 8 p.m. in quieter parts. In Broad Ripple, hours would stretch to 11 p.m.
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Didn't candidate Greg Ballard count fee increases as tax increases during his campaign against Mayor Bart Peterson? Does he really believe that a Democratic opponent won't bring up the Mayor's continual support of tax and fee increases? Pray tell, how does he think he's going to defend a DOUBLING of parking rates should he run for re-election in 2011. If he thinks he can offer a lengthy explanation to the public justifying the increase in the middle of a political campaign, the Mayor is really clueless when it comes to understanding how the political game is played.


Marycatherine Barton said...

With the terrible trouble even college graduates are having getting a job, due to our corrupt banksters and politicians, how dare the mayor raise the price of anything. All of you who supported him should be yelling holy heaven. I never trusted him; he is not the friend of the little guy.

Southsider said...

Just another reason for us not to go downtown.