Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where Have All the Indianapolis Hot Dog Vendors Gone?

In a rare mood for a hot dog today, I went out walking. There used to be a hot dog vendor near the corner of Delaware and Market Streets, right next to the City-County Building. A hot dog vendor told me that's prime time space. I haven't seen anyone there lately. Today no one was there.

So I walked to Pennsylvania and Market, which is where another vendor often sets up. Still nobody.

Then I walked to the Circle. I looked as far as I could around the circle and couldn't find a stand. Usually there is one by Kinko's ..but didn't see one there. Usually there is also someone on the southside of the Circle. That person was not there either. I didn't check the west side of the circle where there usually is not one.

I remember during the NCAA tournament earlier this year that that a hot dog vendor complained because the NCAA wouldn't allow them to sell Pepsi or Coke products (including potato and corn chips by those companies) during the event. One was a sponsor of the event and the other of course is a competitor. The hot dog vendor thought he was going to make a lot of money that weekend with everyone in town. He was wrong.


Downtown Indy said...

Well there was one out front at the Virginia Ave license branch when I rode by there noon-ish today. And for what it's worth she was quite the cutie.

Blog Admin said...

No need for stands when King David's is around.

I always see one set up by Central, and there's usually 1-3 around IUPUI (though I imagine less since it's the summer session)

Marycatherine Barton said...

I was surprised to see one doing business at 10th and Denny St.

Downtown Indy said...

Hot dogs haven't been the same since Big Dick's Dogs went out of business. And the old wrestling photos all over the walls were great too.

M Theory said...

I saw a hot dog vendor on the circle at lunch today.

I don't think we need more hotdog vendors....I think we need TACO vendors!

Blog Admin said...

Melyssa, there's a taco truck that comes into Broad Ripple on the weekends in the parking lot next to the gym/fitness center and Jimmy Johns.

There's also a taco stand by dad bikes to, but I don't remember which part of town it's in.

Honestly, back on topic, I've always found the hot dog stands (or any stand) to be outrageously overpriced.

Paul K. Ogden said...

HFFT, must have been on the other side of the circle. I looked both ways from the E. Market Street and Circle interesection and didn't see any. My view of the other side was obstructed by the monument.

Jon E. Easter said...

MMMMM...King David Dogs...MMMMM

Good call Indy Student!

Anna Schafer said...

So I walked to Pennsylvania and Market, which is where another vendor often sets up. Still nobody.Lej en pølsevogn