Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mayor Ballard's Five Year Campaign Strategy

Another blogger suggested that local Democrats don't have a 2011 election plan. Not sure they need one since Mayor Ballard and Council Republicans seem willing to commit political suicide by abandoning fiscal responsibility going into the municipal election.

I do have an insider friend in the Ballard campaign though who sent me the Ballard five year re-election blueprint developed shortly after the 2007 election victory.

2008 - Raise taxes/fees. Alienate supporters who helped Ballard get elected running as outsider and anti-tax candidate. Scrap campaign promise of more ethical city government.

2009 - Travel the world on junkets. Take advantage of free country club memberships, free sporting events tickets and other "perks" of office. Raise money from contractors wanting to do business with the city.

2010 - Borrow from the next generation to raise big pile of money to spend going into 2011 election. Raise more taxes/fees. Shake down more city contractors for contributions. Pass out taxpayer money to Simons and other "needy" billionaires.

2011 - Spend, spend, spend. Pause to raise more political contributions from contractors. Spend, spend, spend. Pause to take bike ride on new city bike lanes. Spend, spend, spend.

2012 - Take job as head of American Legion after crushing defeat.


Melyssa said...

Earlier this morning, WIBC interviewed the spokesperson for the millionith city market renovation.

The guy did not know from where the money will come, he only said the mayor is committed to spending it.

Marycatherine Barton said...

While very funny, also, very sad.