Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ICVA President Don Welsh's Tiresome Act

I am not sure how many people saw it, but Indianapolis Convention & Visitor Association President Don Welsh had a letter to the editor this morning arguing in favor of the $425 million dollar water/sewer utility deal, which will result in homeowners paying higher rates on their water and sewer bills to fund this "sale" of the utilities from one public entity to another public entity.
Has ICVA's Don Welsh ever opposed the taxpayers forking over more dollars? The man, with his benefit package, pulls in nearly a half million dollars a year. The ICVA is filled with employees making $130K to $200K plus. Yet, Welsh's answer to everything is Joe and Jill Sixpack kicking in more of their hard eared dollars to the public till or to ICVA's coffers because of the "great" work the organization does. Why just a few days ago, I reported how the ICVA claimed it turned every $1 spent on advertising into $289 in economic activity, an astonishing 28900% return on its investment.
I think the City needs to cut a deal with the Pacers. We will let the Pacers out of the Conseco Fieldhouse contract. In return, the team has to agree to take Don Welsh with them to whatever city the team moves to. Welsh's act has grown tiresome. Time to move on and gouge some other poor city.


Jon said...

This is the same "clown" who the other day was asking for millions more for the Convention Center. Never mind that the center is still under construction at a cost of 275 million somehow it is just not enough.
Tell you what Mr. Walsh, how about you get a real job and cease your constant protestations about how Indianapolis can't survive without more funding for whatever taxpayer funded endeavor is ther flavor of the day.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Don Welsh left Seattle after his similar claims of disaster there failed to move state and city leaders to fork over hundreds of millions of dollars to the Sonics and the Sonics moved to Oklahoma. I've not heard of any economic disaster befalling Seattle after the Sonics left town. Welsh is so full of shit it's not even funny. He can't believe how easy it is to get this stupid local media to regurgitate whatever he has to say. It didn't work out the same way for him in Seattle, where he got paid considerably less than his outrageous salary here and the media actually scrutined the claims being made by him and others.

Brizzonator said...

Yeah that LUNKHEAD he is from the school of thought.... all Top Line growth....

Taxpayers and most families are looking for Bottom Line and not in the RED... In the Black. ICVA is another worthless appendage of local government.

Lets see Libriary's V. ICVA.... Give me a freakin break.