Thursday, April 8, 2010

Indianapolis Star Wakes Up to Local Political Corruption; Asks for Prosecutor Brizzi's Resignation

For the past several months, the Indianapolis Star has been scooped regularly by Fox59 News and the Indianapolis Business Journal when it comes to investigating and reporting on local political corruption. Today the Star has apparently awaken to the fact that there is some ethical issues they should cover locally and have on its editorial pages called for the resignation of Marion County Carl Brizzi.

The Star has spent the last six months immersed in dealing with ethics of the Indiana General Assembly while completely ignoring the much more serious problem at home. Indianapolis has become a cesspool of political corruption and insider dealing, rivally Lake County. Maybe it is time to get in the game and report what is going on locally? It is still called the INDIANAPOLIS Star isn't it?


Diana Vice said...

That would require real investigative reporting, Paul, and I'm not sure they know how to do that at the Indianapolis Star. When they can't even handle the news within local school districts, how can we expect them to take on bigger stories. When you have reporters (and I use the term loosely) who buddy up with school officials and tattle on real investigators for videotaping a public meeting, they lose all their credibility for future reporting.

There are major corruption allegations at MSDWT, and yet the Star reporter who is assigned to that beat has offered worthless reporting, which has been described as a public relations arm for the school district.

It's too bad that bloggers have to take on roles that the Indy Star should be filling. No wonder the print news media is becoming less relevant with each passing day.

Paul K. Ogden said...


I agree. Unlike many though, I'm not ready to write off newspapers as fulfilling a needed role. Obviously there is a big investigative hole that is being filled by Fox59 and IBJ, both of which seem to be incredibly popular right now. The Star needs to find a way to do the same while turning a profit.

Ben said...

Nothing ever changes. I found out yesterday that Jason Fishburns dads campaign manager was Carl Brizzis campaign manager.

So now Fishburn is tied directly to Brizzi..Good luck with that

Paul K. Ogden said...


Yes, Jennifer Hallowell ran Brizzi's campaign and is running Fishburn's campaign. She's also making $10K a month advising Ballard on politics. Given Ballard's complete cluelessness when it comes to politics, it's safe to say McAtee should win the primary easily if Hallowell runs Fishburn's campaign.

Cato said...


About your newspapers,

Unknown said...


That makes sense. Who wants to be Brizzi has been using Jennifer's phones to hide calls to Durham. Supposedly he was just seen having dinner at an LA restaurant with Tim.

Melyssa said...


Susie said...

The culture of corruption that is stinking up this city includes but is not limited to the following players: Barnes & Thornburg
(B& T), Page, Durham, Brizzi.
B & T can welcome Brizzi back home after he's finally forced out. Problem is that the IN Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission needs to be investigaged. Donald Lundberg, who until recently handled complaints re: attorneys, is now entrenched at B & T, which is defending Timothy Durham. The buck starts and stops with the Commmission. So, who's going to investigate it?

Marycatherine Barton said...

Grrreat question from Susie, and I certainly agree with Melyssa.