Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Indianapolis Republicans Begin New Search for Prosecutor Candidate

Today while sitting waiting for Senate Bill 399, a well-known Democratic operative leaned over to me and said, "So are you running for Prosecutor?" That was when I first learned the news that the Helen Marchal, the sole Republican candidate for Marion County Prosecutor, a person whose candidacy was blessed by incumbent Prosecutor Carl Brizzi and Marion County GOP Chairman Tom John, had announced she was dropping out of the race before she even put on her track shoes.

As I have already discussed on these pages, there is little doubt from looking at the finance report of Prosecutor Brizzi that he never seriously entertained running for a third term. The question then becomes why the announcement didn't come earlier so that interested Republican lawyers could have thrown their hat in the ring. Instead Brizzi waited until the last minute, leaving the Republicans without a candidate. or at least one whose heart was in the race.

As a former candidate for a county-wide office, I can confirm the toll it places on a candidate is extraordinary. As a candidate for Marion County Clerk in 2002, I went to about 12 Republican meetings every month all over the county. It was incredibly exhausting experience. I take Marchal at her word that the political toll as well as her family responsibilities were just too much for her. People don't appreciate the amount of work involved to run for office, especially for a competitive seat.

Today, the response came in from Tom John that former prosecutor Scott Newman would be leading an effort to find a replacement candidate. Ugh. Translation: the insiders in the party still want to pick the next prosecutor candidate. The last thing they want is a no-nonsense, independent-minded candidate who might go after white collar crime and political corruption in this county. Never mind that, at this point especially, that's the only Republican prosecutorial candidate who could appeal to Democrats and independents necessary to have a chance of winning in the Fall. That's the trouble with Establishment, Country-Club Republicans. They are more interested in controlling who gets nominated than they are in winning general elections. That's why they need to be tossed out on their heads come November 2011. We will not forget.


I know said...


Brizzi's quote in the Star confirms your reporting. He stated that he and Marchal talked about her running for Prosecutor for months.

That alone and the money spending spree you reported a few days ago should peak the interest of some contributors and some campaign finance law specialists. Read the Star as Brizzi admitted he was surprised at the news.

guido said...

So, ya gonna run. Abdul has thrown down the glove at you, so to speak as you have probably noticed on his blog

karma09 said...

Two thoughts:

Helen appears disengenuous to me. She stated she had been thinking about this for months. It was not a decision thrust upon her w/in 48 hours. She surely had gone through the scenarios and evaluated the stressors long ago.

Shouldn't Brizzi be the guy leading the search, as the titular head of the prosecutor's office right now? How funny it is that he is now by-passed in favor of his own former boss, after his own hand-picked candidate unceremoniously bows out. A not so tacit admission by the GOP of the damage his tenure has caused to their prospects.

M Theory said...


Not one of your opponents has published as much directed at corruption as you have done. This blog is a document of your passion for our city to treat everyone equally under the law and for the rule of law to rule.

I know said...

Maybe Abdul ought to go to his RTV buddies and ask them what they have sat on for years that they know about that leads directly to Brizzi's office not doing anything about hundreds of millions of dollars in crime that some of the good old boys keep right on doing in business.

I think some of the folks throwing the largest stones might ought to pick up their yard first as the stones in their own yard might just break their windows!

Abdul has all these friends to drink with and cavort with then maybe he ought to ask some real leading questions. Some of the cold hard facts and NOT GOSSIP lay right at his feet just like they do with Carl!

Jon E. Easter said...

Sounds like you're running Paul.