Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pay to Play the Indy Way; Ballard Campaign Loans Marion County GOP $15,000

Sorry for stealing the theme of Advance Indiana's column on the finance report filed by Mayor Greg Ballard, but the report is a virtual Who's Who of those who are either doing business with the city or want to do business with the city.

Advance Indiana does a good job taking a look at the various companies who contributed to the Mayor. It should be noted that many of the companies and law firms doing business with the city donate through individual contributions of the executives and law partners rather than in the business name. That makes it harder to track the contributions. It will take a while to sort through those contributions to find out which businesses those individuals are associated with. This report lists their occupations though. It is noteworthy that the report lists the occupation of many if not most, of those individuals as "executives" or "attorneys." A quick look at several attorneys indicate that they were all from large downtown law firms. More on that later.

An interesting quick note. The Marion County Republican Committee is listed as owing the Ballard campaign $15,000. Yep, At some point in 2010, apparently the Ballard folks bailed out Tom John and the Republican organization. Anyone who thinks Tom John will put on a fair slating for Mayor in 2011 - well, I have some Florida swamp land I would like to sell you.

More on the report later.


M Theory said...

Fishy stuff here.

I seem to recall reading on Gary's blog last year that there was some stink about missing money from the local GOP along with some secret impropriety with Tom John and a woman he hired.

Could Ballard's $15k be to put back missing money?

Or is Ballard giving money back for all the generous campaign help he got from Tom John & Co.

M Theory said...

Something else...and you guys can help me cause my memory is a bit fuzzy and I could be wrong on the details.

But didn't the Marion County GOP write some checks that bounced and some of their employees left because of it?

Is there a possibility that $15k from Ballard covered the bounced checks so the naughtiness didn't get on wider radar?

Marycatherine Barton said...

Do tell, HFFT. Very sad report, Ogden on Politics.