Friday, January 29, 2010

Indianapolis: A Cesspool of Political Corruption

The Fox 59 story below details a very close nexus between a murderer's release and campaign contributions made to Prosecutor Carl Brizzi and his chief trial deputy, David Wyser. It's hard to say there is no connection between the tens of thousands in campaign contributions by the murderer's family and the support of the murderer's release by Brizzi and Wyser.

Before people think this sort of conduct is confined to the Prosecutor's Office, one only has to look at the campaign finance report of Mayor Ballard to see that Pay to Play politics is not limited to the Prosecutor's Office. If you are a developer or a law firm seeking no bid contracts from the city, you will be expected to make campaign contributions to the Ballard campaign. This isn't something new. It's been going on for quite some time in both Republican and Democratic administrations. It is quite telling, that when reviewing the Ballard report showing about 95% of his money coming from companies and law firms doing business with the city, the response of the local official Democratic blog was to criticize Ballard's fundraising as "lackluster." Not a single word was uttered criticizing Ballard from soliciting money from city contractors. Why not? Because a Democratic Mayor would have shaken down city contractors for contributions.

Indianapolis is like one of those towns in the West before the townsfolk got together and hired a Marshall. Here in Indianapolis, we have a Prosecutor, Carl Brizzi, who has for seven years looked the other way when it came to white collar crime and political corruption by both parties. Tim Morrison, the acting U.S. Attorney for now more than two years, inexplicably dropped a forfeiture case against millionaire and accused Ponzi-scam artist Timothy Durham, a close friend of Prosecutor Brizzi. Morrison's told reporters that Durham provided some undefined "assurances" the assets would be preserved.

Meanwhile, free from a possible federal court order freezing his assets thanks to Morrison, the internet details Durham selling off assets, including an antique car and his yacht. Morrison continues to do nothing whle thousands of Ohio investors fume that his inexplicable dismissal of the forfeiture action is costing them any chance to recover their investment in securities they bought from Fair Finance, one of the companies owned by Durham. The unsubstantiated rumor behind the story is that the weekend that news of the forfeiture action broke, a Barnes & Thornburg attorney and close Brizzi friend, who is also a former FBI agent, pulled strings to get Morrison to dismiss the case. Albeit it is only a rumor, it provides an explanation for Morrison's perplexing actions dismissing a forfeiture case involving hundreds of millions of dollars in assets based solely on "assurances" he was provided.

These events are only unfortunately a tip of the iceberg. When there are no consequences for running a red light, the problem of red light running becomes rampant. It is the same thing with political corruption. For years political corruption and insider dealing in Indianapolis has gone unpunished by both the criminal and political systems. Facing no consequences, those in the public sector have been given the green light to abuse their power. Indianapolis politics has become a cesspool of political corruption. The time is long past to clean it up.


Diana Vice said...

Yeah, it answers a lot of questions for me, Paul. I ran into similar problems when I exposed corruption in the AEPA/Tremco no-bid scheme. All the right law firms were hired by the schemers, so those with the power decided not to use it to protect the people. It's time they learned that the people have more power than they do.

M Theory said...

Amen. The corruption needs to stop and the offenders, jailed.

karma09 said...

Paul, again, need to include Hamilton County in the party now also. I've heard of crime and mafia behavior expanding from the urban center to the suburbs, but now it is emanating from one prosecutor's office to another, the Brizzi-Wyser Way. And as Wyser says, "I'd do it again."

I'm sure this makes everybody much more comfortable and secure to know that. He's really tough on crime after all, he says so.

I know said...

Is the Barnes and Thornburg Attorney and former FBI agent you menntioned the same person who is the Chairman of the Indiana Gaming Commsiion?

HMM one wonders what is lurking in the muddy waters.....

Paul K. Ogden said...

I Know, as far as a I know this B&T attorney doesn't have a relationship with the gaming commission and certainly isn't the chairman.

Marycatherine Barton said...

It is so easy for abusive sociopaths to rise to the top, in both politics and law, and what we have in Indianapolis are two political machines, D and R. What we need is a third major political party, that is about truth.

As it is now, yes, Indianapolis is a cesspool of political corruption. That is why, upon my graduation from law school, my father, may he rest in peace, pleaded with me, to never go into politics.

Had Enough Indy? said...

Okay Professor Ogden -- how do the citizens move forward? We have good people in all three parties who oppose pay to play and influence peddling, among other things, in our respective parties and our government.

How do we stop the abuses?

Cato said...

I really want to get some wiretaps on judges' phones to see what calls occur when a case is filed challenging the City.

The legal "reasoning" that occurs in such cases is so uniformly wrong that it must follow from some design.

Cato said...

I really want to get some wiretaps on judges' phones to see what calls occur when a case is filed challenging the City.

The legal "reasoning" that occurs in such cases is so uniformly wrong that it must follow from some design.

Cato said...

"When there are no consequences for running a red light, the problem of red light running becomes rampant."

As a metaphysical fact, the above is flatly false and is the genesis of big government.

The problem with running red lights is that people will get into accidents as they plow into oncoming traffic. This should immediately make no internal sense. The basis of free market ideology is the presumption that people will act on their own self interests.

Bays and oceans are mostly unmarked, allowing people to drive where and as they please, at whatever speed may suit them. Rarely, though, does one boat slam into another, and when such collisions occur, the record frequently demonstrates that tide or wind got the better of the crews, and frantic action was being taken by both craft to avoid one another. Boats, like cars and lives, are scarce and dear, and people can be counted on to protect that which is scarce and dear to them.

The "problem" with red lights is that they are ignored in hours of the day when they cease to make sense to the traveler. Few run a red light at 16th and Meridian at 8:30 a.m., while a red light in a remote area of town at 3:00 a.m. may not receive the same degree of respect.

Being forced to follow a formality when doing so is counterproductive to one's own interests runs counter to rationality and ought not be given moral sanction, as, in the case of the remote light, the harm in running the light is outweighed by the loss of one's life by waiting out the light. When such decisions are made, we see the market at work, as people are making rational choices for themselves.

When we convince ourselves of fictions like "red lights keep us safe," we labor under an arrogance that the government, not us, knows what's best. This is the pathway to paternalism and tyranny.

M Theory said...

Marycatherine, I am glad to hear you call them sociopaths too, for that is what they are. Our city and state's political circles are crawling with sociopaths and they must be neutralized. Our only chance of doing so is the application of Rule of Law applied equally to all.

If anyone is interested in understanding the traits of the Sociopath, please visit this link:

Note: Most psychologists agree that sociopaths typically do not respond to any treatment.

I know said...

Cato and HEI,
Keep the heat on!!! Paul is working very hard and he needs all the support you can send him. There is far more influence peddling, deceit and theft by friends and good old boys connected to Brizzi and others at the Statehouse as well.

The campaign contributions are only the tip of the ice berg of the hundreds of millions of dollars Carl Brizzi, his office, his investigators and felons have looked the other way so friends and influence peddlers can keep stealing you blind every day.

Remember in science class when they always taught what you see of an iceberg has far greater mass below the water line and so it goes with the mess in Marion County and several places in Indiana that Brizzi knows about.

When the Governor in his State of the State address glowed of how proud he was of the fraud free politics and public officials cases in the last five years in his administration he forgot to mention the cover ups that have occurred to keep it that way and it started in the Marion County Prosecutor's Office.Mr. Brizzi is charged with being the legal watchdog of legal issues at the Statehouse.

More is to come as the global warming heats up in Marion County and the iceberg begins to melt and the flooding starts. Rats jump from ships when they are sinking!!!!!!!!

The first rat that squeals to the Feds may get a life raft!

Paul K. Ogden said...


The first thing I think people have to do is speak out within their respective party. That "don't air dirty laundry in public" mantra that insiders use to keep public criticism quiet just plays into their hands.

People have to be willing to speak out and expose wrongdoing or it won't stop. I remember after the last judge slating, there were some shenanigans pulled to force two judges out of the race. If those shenanigans were exposed they would have been stopped dead in their tracks.

The problem is there is a culture of a lack of leadership in Indy. It's been instiled in both parties that people interested in office are expected to be followers and not leaders.

Changing that mindset will take awhile. Frankly, I think the reformists will prevail in the local Republican Party before they take control in the Democratic Party here locally. When you have a strong majority, that's where the insiders tend to dominate and flourish. Republicans though can't win only pursuing insider politics.

karma09 said...

I see now that Wyser has changed his campaign web site to delete his reference to having "supervised hundreds of deputy prosecutors."

A clear recognition that if he did, he's got a Hatch Act problem. Now it's just a question of fact.

More of the same pattern. Somebody goes public with a dirty campaign contribution, only then does it get returned (Michelle Schrenker, and now the murderers daddy and defense counsel).

Somebody points out the Hatch Act issues and Wyser's own statement of supervisory power, and only then does he change his public image.

Must be scary having people point out your errors all the time.

I know said...

They fear nothing in having their facts questioned time and time again. Their ego and intimidation tactics cover any of their fear and anxiety.

The only way the crap will stop is the FBI and the citizens quit doing inquiry and charge these fools and then put them on PUBLIC TRIAL with no plea deal, no back room big shot lawyer friend and court system manipulation and then the rest of the slime balls will sit up and take notice.

Brizzi was quoted as he had a press release on Brad Hiller stealing from the Senate Republicans that corruption on his watch would not happen. What he didn't say was the press release was a call to the folks not to steal from his Republican buddies.

Mr. Brizzi and an FBI inquiry if it is happening and all the other Durham mess needs to be on the front page with ALL the facts right along with his friends and influence peddling buddies who have gotten contracts for hundreds of millions of dollars illegally and he looked the other way.

That will cause the IU School of Law and any other institution of learning to then ensure the LEGAL profession in Indiana does what it is supposed to do!

The people of Indiana suffering from lack of jobs, lack of education also unknowingly suffer from a corrupt, broken and insane criminal justice system that everyone in it either looks the other way or fears some lawyer in it.

With the Governor touting no public corruption in his administration the last five years is either ignorant or arrogant. Maybe he does not read the paper or talk to his Republican friends. He has the mess in front of him daily and he being the leader everyone keeps touting for higher office needs to get out and lead or get swallowed up in the tidal wave that is coming.

Indiana lacks leadership EVERYDAY, not just for elections. Indiana lacks a moral compass and effective public safety from the senseless ego driven people who are supposed to protect the hard earned dollars that good and decent people pay in taxes everyday.

Isn't it time to clean house?

Marycatherine Barton said...

Thanks to HFFT for her link. Dr. Andrew Lobaczewski called his remarkable study, POLITICAL PONEROLOGY, a science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes, and there are related websites.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen such corruptness, corruption to the point one would question their own insanity. From the Judges in Hamilton County, to prosecutor, Carl Brizzi, to his wife, Melanie Brizzie (Childcare Licensing Director of the State of Indiana) who is hired, and her superior is the governor. It doesnt matter that you're a law abiding citizen in Indy, it's all about who you know. If your part of the boys club, your in, such as a member of the "Masons".