Monday, January 11, 2010

Brizzi Announcement This Week

Expect the announcement that Carl Brizzi will not run for a third term as Marion County Prosecutor this week, possibly as early as today. Also, expect at the same time Brizzi introduces a Republican who works in the Prosecutor's Office and will seek slating armed with Brizzi's endorsement. (Absolutely no inside knowledge - just a strong hunch.)

As I've said before, I have little doubt that Brizzi several months ago made the decision not to run again, even before the Durham flap. The delay is part of a concerted effort by Brizzi, Marion County GOP Chairman Tom John, and area chairman and Hamilton County resident David Brooks to delay the announcement until right before slating so no "outsider" has a chance to marshall the votes to win the party's endorsement. Of course it also means the Republican candidate starts out a quarter mile behind in the mile race for prosecutor, with little chance to catch up.

People wonder why these Republicans would throw away GOP hopes at retaining the Prosecutor's Office. The reason is simple. The last thing those in the GOP leadership want is a Republican prosecutor who can't be "controlled" and who will aggressively go after political corruption and other white collar crime. The political powers in this community, both Republicans and Demcorats, have long thrived on having a prosecutor who will look the other way as to their misdeeds. Brizzi and Marion County GOP leadership would rather have a Democrat in the prosecutor's office than a Republican who is elected to clean up the corruption in this city. This is exactly why Marion County GOP "leaders" like Tom John need to be booted from their positions.

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