Monday, December 28, 2009

Update to Peyton's Place? Apparently on the Bench

In my post on the Colts below, I made the point that if the Colts were concerned about injuries, why do they continue to leave Manning in the game during blowout wins?

I did a little research. Three games could properly be classified as blowouts this year:

Week 3 Colts 31-10 over the Arizona Cardinals
Week 5 Colts 31-9 over the Tennessee Titans
Week 7 Colts 42-6 over the St. Louis Rams

Peyton Manning played every snap in each of the blowouts.


Downtown Indy said...

It does seem like the coach 'throws' the game when he does something like this.

Southsider said...

And 'throw' a perfect season.....just 2 more wins. Geez...I have to wonder what the players are thinking after playing their hearts out for 14 games...all the come-from-behind wins and then watch them sit.

Cato said...

Ahem, Paul:

You have no idea just how great an inferiority complex Indy residents have.

They really needed to feel equal to Boston, if only in one small way.

Paul K. Ogden said...


Actually I have always said people who live in Indy and Indiana have an inferiority complex. I think you're trying to make a connection with that to sports though that is exaggerated.

Cato said...

Christ, Paul, several Colts stories on the Star regarding the loss generated over 50 pages of comments.

Indy equates paying the Colts tax with civic pride. Indy let a billion dollar stadium get built because losing the Colts was "not an option." Republicans, en masse, voted for Peterson over Jordan, because Peterson promised to give the Colts whatever they wanted.

The whole town dresses in blue on Fridays in a disgusting and chilling public ritual of loyalty. No other NFL city acts with such chilling conformity. The best time to go shopping in Indy is during a Colts game, when you have the roads and stores to yourself.

This loss, and the failure to equal the Patriots, hurt them deeply. I posit that you don't want to see these people for who they are.

If you want to plumb their despair, taunt some of them. Try this on a few of them: "I guess the Colts just didn't have the guts and talent to match Brady and the Pats." Or, "I guess the Colts were just too scared to go after Brady's record." You cannot have lived in Indiana your 40-some years and not know how fragile Indy pride will react to this.

Do it for your own amusement. Trust me; it'll be fun - and enlightening.

P.S. You'll quickly be met with this dumb$^!+ retort: "if you don;t like it here, why don;t you just leave." You'll ponder just what the Colts have to do with Indy, but it's quite clear in their minds.

Go. Have fun. Pain such as this doesn't come around often. Making Hoosiers cry is small payback for their theft of your tax dollars.

Patriot Paul said...

What message was sent to parents who advise their children:'it's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game'.
Quick someone call your bookie. And where's Pete Rose?

Cato said...

Patriot Paul:

Any parent who receives parenting guidance from sports is an absolute outright loser.

One has nothing to do with the other. Sports are a poor substitute for a life.

karma09 said...

How many millions of extra tourist dollars did Indy just lose because it won't be able to tout itself as the city of the undefeated team? Surely that's worth quite a ton of money, and would have brought people from coast to coast to bask in Indy glory. Alas.

Had Enough Indy? said...

I was stunned by an article in the Monday paper reporting on IMPD getting on the scalpers for not having a license. What a crock when it hardly matters when the Colts misrepresent that there will actually be a game played when they first sell the ticket. I sure hope Irsay pays for IMPD's time trying to make him more money by intimidating scalpers. Taxpayers shouldn't underwrite that, too.