Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mayor Ballard Vice-Chairman of Mayors' Group Supporting More Local Taxes

The Indianapolis Business Journal reports that an organization called the Urban Mayors' Caucus, led by Tom Henry of Fort Wayne and Indianapolis' Greg Ballard, is seeking to replace property taxes lost because of the tax caps passed by the legislature. The group has targeted non-profits that are not paying property taxes. The Caucus will also lobby the legislature for more highway money and the authority to raise local sales taxes.

Even though Mayor Ballard is Vice-Chairman of the Urban Mayor's Caucus, his spokesman Robert Vane indicated the Mayor would not be active in the group.

Did I mention that he's Vice-Chairman of the group? Ahem.

Note: The story is on the subscription-only portion of the IBJ website so I could not publish the content. I would strongly encourage people to get at least an on-line subscription to the IBJ. While its editorial page is weak, it is doing an outstanding job of covering local politics.

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