Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hank Bosworth: Man of Many Hats

One has to wonder how Henry (Hank) Bosworth has enough hours in the day. Bosworth, one of Marion County Sheriff Frank Anderson top people, pulls down $59,200, the second highest salary of any special deputy in the the Sheriff's Department. Bosworth is also Police Services Coordinator for Indianapolis Downtown, Inc., an organization that pockets millions in taxpayer money. According to IDI's 2007 tax return, the most recent tax return available, Bosworth was being paid $51,400.

If that's not enough, Bosworth is also Chief of Police for the Homecroft Police Department. If you scroll down the link to theSouthsiderVoice, you'll see Bosworth (wearing the Homecroft hat) at a meeting in Southport discussing vandalism.

Thursday my summer break ends and I start back to work at my second job teaching political science at the University of Indianapolis. I feel seriously underemployed when compared to Bosworth.


Downtown Indy said...

The Indy SS Bosworth link

Actual cops discussing Bosworth and related matters

Paul K. Ogden said...

Thanks DI. I fixed the SS link. If anyone knows whether Bosworth also gets paid as head of the Homecroft Police Department, I'd be interested. I'd also like to know how many hours he devotes to the Sheriff's Department and IDI jobs.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

"I'd also like to know how many hours he devotes to the Sheriff's Department and IDI jobs."
Do you mean TOGETHER, or SEPARATELY? It may be impossible to separate the two!
But we KNOW he must put in LESS hours in Southport and IDI than he does at the sheriff department, as per regulations!

Downtown Indy said...

Interesting thing today. I was waiting in the barbershop and someone in 'police' uniform gets up. I see the shoulder patch, 'Indianapolis A.C.C' and he goes out and gets in a blacked-out Crown Vic with emergency lights, etc.

It took me awhile to figure out the abbreviation and the similar-to-IMPD uniform. (I was so intent on reading the patch, I neglected to see if he was carrying a weapon.)

"Indianapolis Animal Care and Control"

Since when do we have such uniforms and cars for 'dog catchers?' Are these sworn ILEA-graduated officers?

If they are, why? If they are not, why the uniforms that could easily be mistaken for IMPD?

Southsider for the people said...

Well don't be surprised. He isn't a certified ILEA graduate that I know of but I believe that is a seperate story that involves somemore people. He gets paid to be the Chief of Police (Town Marshall) for Homecroft PD, like $30,000, then there is the Marion County Sheriff's Department 50,000 something, then IDI oo ounce again 50,000 something, Hunting Bank securtiy rep. then there is Forrest Lucus, and Lucus Oil Statdium and that private security.... Gee he leaves on Thursdays to go to Lake Monroe until Sunday... I wished I could be HANK! Why does the Sheriff's Department have motorcycles when they don't have any Law Enforcement Patroling duties since the merger. They also have radars in their cars (?) Questions.. Its the Sheriff's private account involving the Jail Telephones thats allowing the uncontrollable spending.. Check the new Dodge Chargers out..