Thursday, August 6, 2009

The First Shot of the 2011 Campaign?; Democratic Blogger Uses Republican Council Members Words Against Them

I'm pretty sure Terry Burns over at Indianapolis Times, who is the former executive director of the Marion County Democratic Party and former communications director for the Indiana Democratic Party, knows perflectly well the Democratic strategy of using the CIB tax increases against Republicans council members in 2011. Here is his blog post on the subject. They are already starting to gather the GOP council members words to use against them in 2011.

As I've said before, Mayor Ballard is leading the Republican council members to the edge of a cliff and telling them to jump to their political deaths.

I won't even get into whether the CIB tax increases will doom Ballard's re-election. For so many, reasons, not just the CIB tax increases, Ballard's re-election effort for 2011 is DOA.

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M Theory said...

The democrats are right to criticize Ballard and councilors that vote for the CIB tax, but in doing so, they are hypocrites.