Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Governor Daniels Loses Patience With Mayor Ballard on CIB, Rebuffs Future Tax Increase Proposals

Apparently the Governor does not share the Mayor's desire to bring more tax increase proposals to bail out the Capital Improvement Board to the legislature next year. From the on-line Indianapolis Star:
INDIANAPOLIS — State lawmakers from Indianapolis say a plan to help the city's struggling sports agency is a temporary fix, but Gov. Mitch says he doesn't want any future legislation to deal with the Capital Improvement Board.

The Republican governor said Wednesday that city officials changed their minds more than once about what they wanted to help overcome a projected $47 million deficit for next year.

Daniels says Indianapolis should make do with the plan lawmakers passed Tuesday in the new budget. The plan allows Indianapolis to raise its hotel tax immediately and raise car rental and ticket taxes in 2013.

Democratic House Speaker Patrick Bauer says the CIB issue raises resentment among lawmakers who want help for their communities.

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