Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blue Indiana Attacks Ogden on Politics; Makes Up Quote

Wow, I know I have arrived now. I went over to Blue Indiana and found Thomas Cook posted part of my column discrediting the lame CQ Quarterly report he posted about. The report predicted congressional election results 16 months out, something no respectable political analyst would be caught doing.

No problem with that. Thomas, however, then proceeds to attack me completely making things up, including quoting something I supposedly said:

Paul then referred his readers back to his incredibly successful "REVOLUTION AT THE STATEHOUSE" campaign, which resulted in...uh...

He also added, "...if history has shown us anything, it is that this country will never elect a black man president!"
Where in the world did I say any of that?

Ironically I was saying from the day McCain secured the nomination that he had no chance to beat Obama and even predicted Obama would be the first Democrat to win Indiana since 1964.

It is flattering that I have the mouthpiece of the Democratic Party attacking me. I've always said that if they are ignoring you, then you're not being taken seriously. When they start attacking you, they are worried. You would at least thought though Cook would not resort to making things up completely, including a supposed direct quote. But hey that's what happens when you stick your head up out of the foxhole. People are going to take cheap shots, even when they have to completely make them up. To mix metaphors, it is just water off a duck's back, Thomas. Keep 'em coming.


Downtown Indy said...

See? Even THEY think you'll be running for mayor one day.

M Theory said...
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Jacob Perry said...

Hey Miss Anne, Thomas Cook is a "he" and not a "she", the giveaway being that Thomas is typically a masculine name. The good news is now that you've discovered his sex, he can be a client of yours.

Now, to quote something the great Paul Ogden recently wrote:

"I've always said that if they are ignoring you, then you're not being taken seriously. When they start attacking you, they are worried."

Not sure what your personal obsession with me is based on, besides that fact that I'm the only man you can't bully, but it's also obvious the LPIN in general is afraid of me.

Keep up the classy work though, Miss Anne. You are a true representation of what the new LPIN is all about. Angry and bitter personal attacks against anyone who might dare show some independence, plus your hysterical rants. The best part is that you are doing it to yourself, hanging yourself with your own rope.

M Theory said...

Jacob Perry, Thomas Cook could not be a client of mine unless he has a business listed in one of my territories. I sell advertising, not sex, a substantiated fact that is lost on you. But you never let the facts stop you.

And last I checked real "independent" men don't live with their mommies...little boys and girls do.

Maybe I shouldn't pick on little boys. I'm sorry.

(Thomas...sorry about the crack)

Downtown Indy said...

I'm still looking for their retraction...

Diana Vice said...

Paul Ogden is my hero. : )