Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Priorities of Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard

I think you can judge an administration by the things it chooses to subsidize. Look at the administration of Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard. A $15 million dollar annual subsidy for the Simons as owners of the Pacers? No problem. Huge subsidies so a downtown politically connected contributor can build an apartment complex? No problem. Raising taxes so the Capital Improvement Board can continue to provide subsidies to billionaire sports owners? No problem.

Money to fix swimming pools so kids can cool off this summer? Problem. Money for neighborhood parks? Problem. A few hundred thousand to subsidize the City Market? Problem. (I would note that I too believe the city market should stand on its own. But I would subsidize it over the Pacers any day of the week.)

Democrats are viewed as the party of the common man. I know that's based mostly on smoke and mirrors, and that Democratic Mayor Bart Peterson engaged in the same corporate welfare, Ballard is now doing. However, the Republican Party can ill afford to continue giving away the "common man" vote in a county where they have maybe 44% of the votes. Mayor Ballard is doing exactly that. While he'll find that his corporate friends have a lot of cash to hand out in political contributionis, they don't have that many votes.


Downtown Indy said...

We once rallied around 'Had Enough.' Yet we continue be 'had' over and over again.

When I look at the loose bricks paving the Circle, the crumbling PanAm Plaza, City Market, Union Station, or the pitted and pocked concrete of the War Memorial - I have to wonder why we should be 'investing' in new projects when all the old one are falling apart, closed, or on the verge of closing.


Seriously, Mr. Mayor, we HAVE had enough.

I know said...

Hey folks,

Ya all might want to look at some investigations going on in the mid-south. It sees the Mayor of Memphis has been doing the same thing and the FBI, yes the FBI, and the US ATTORNEY has had a Grand Jury going for over two and one half years with three State Representatives and one State Senator already convicted and sent to PRISON and the Mayor is now under a whole lot of scrutiny.

Ya all might consider sending the US Attorney, the FBI, Carl Brizzi and his staff and the Attorney General on down to the Memphis area for some on the job training. It seems the folks in the midwest giggle at the slow minded folks in the south.

In most parts of the country corruption is being investigated and people put in JAIL. Not in Indiana, the wild, wild midwest.

Shame on ya all!