Thursday, April 2, 2009

Press Release: It's Time to Stop The Bailouts

Ed, glad to see someone on the council has the guts to speak out about this outrage. It's too bad my fellow Republicans can't see fit to opposing tax increases.


LPMC Contact: Sean Shepard, 317.513.2406 or by email at LPMC Website:

Indianapolis, IN - Indiana Senator Luke Kenley (R) and Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard (R) presented the State's plan to bailout the Indianapolis Capital Improvement Board (CIB) today. Instead of asking the users of CIB properties in Indianapolis to step up and pay their fair share first, lawmakers will be considering a statewide increase of alcohol taxes, ticket taxes, food and beverage taxes, and the Innkeepers tax.

Timothy Maguire, chairman of the Libertarian Party of Marion County, criticized the move to attach this bailout to the state budget. "There is no excuse to force those who don't directly use the stadiums to pay for the short-sightedness of the CIB first."

"The appropriate step should be a direct tax on the immediate users of the CIB facilities," said Maguire. "These Republican-sponsored increases will give us the highest hospitality taxes in the nation, which will only serve to drive off the convention business the City leadership claims to protect. Hurting a $3 Billion industry with unwise taxes will only put more Hoosiers out of work."

"It was an increase in taxes that outraged the voters of 2007 that swept the Republicans into office," commented Ed Coleman, Indianapolis City-County Councilor At-Large. "It is a shame that the Mayor and other City Leadership, after only a year and a half, have forgotten the will of the voters. If the Statehouse and the Mayor look to raise taxes on the hard working owners of hotels, bars, restaurants and our City's guests first, then they truly do not understand the forgotten man in all of this."

Coleman is asking everyone to contact their state legislators immediately, to voice their opposition to high taxes. "The voters of Indianapolis need to remind their officials of their outrage from 2007, and that they won't forget a move like this come election time. Ask them to put the average taxpayer first, and the owners of the Colts and Pacers second." ###For more information, or to arrange an interview, please contact Sean Shepard at 317.513.2406 or by email at


Jon said...

Personal note to the mayor, dear sir you were swept into office due to the spendthrift practices of the former mayor and you can be swept out the same way.

So far you have endorsed all of the same schemes and plans of the previous administration and sometimes enough is enough, good luck in your next job!

Patriot Paul said...

Other than the usual and empty rhetoric of voter threats in future elections and phone calls, what are these people going to 'do' about it?

M Theory said...

"these people" are going to do the same thing "these people" did in 2007. Kick out a mayor.

I know said...

If the bailouts do not happen for all the friends and family someone will call out the other and their misdeeds. So the corporate blackmail goes on and on and on......

The nasty will come out when someone finally says no to a bail out and the ratting out starts.

Once you drink from the jar of kool aid you cannot go back! Your soul belongs to the good old boys forever.

You are so right the bailouts need to end. The fall out will be something never before seen in Indiana!