Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Phantom Colts and Pacers Contribution

The deal was cut. Part of it was that the Colts and Pacers were to each contribute $5 million dollars. The Pacers contribution was a sham from the beginning. At the very outset, the CIB pledged to give the Pacers $15 million more. So that leaves the Pacers still $10 million ahead. Nonetheless, the Pacers still refused to publicly pledge to give $5 million back as suggested in the deal that was cut.

As bad as the Pacers were, the Colts were worse. Colts GM Bill Polian refused to even address the issue of whether he would pledge to give the $5 million as advertised, and instead continued with the phony argument that the Colts had already contributed towards Lucas.

If you want to know how we got in this situation, you only have to watch the Senators fawning all over the Pacers and Colts representatives during their testimony. None of them received anything more than a softball during questioning. It was only in the hallway that they got tougher questions from the reporters.


Citizen Kane said...

Charles Ponzi would be so proud. No evidence of any city benefits, and continual infusion of new money to keep the scheme going. Charles never realized that government is the place to run a Ponzi scheme with no threat of jail and barely any dissent.

Diana Vice said...

Is it any wonder that Indiana continues to make national news? It's becoming an embarrassment to Hoosiers!

I know said...

Wait until the national news discovers state agencies are hiring outside of Indiana investigative companies instead of using the State Police to do their tax payer provided income to do their work.

Someone must be afraid of what maybe uncovered locally. Yes, Charles Ponzi would be very, very proud.