Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Mayor's "Artsy" Idea for the Indianapolis Colts

As I am busy working long hours responding to a lengthy motion for summary judgment, I thought I would steal the bulk of a column from Indy Tax Dollars, which reflects my thoughts exactly when it comes to such things as the unelected, appointed Capital Improvement Board funding the arts in Indianapolis as well as the suggestion that the Colts take over arts funding:
The Capital Improvement Board (CIB) has disbursed 3.1 million tax dollars annually to a variety of private civic organizations - the arts, Black Expo, etc.. How this fits into their primary mission we don't know, but we do think the elimination of these items would have been, in current conditions, an early and easy decision.

(We continue to believe, if these are indeed appropriate uses of public funds, that each such item ought to show up in the city budget, to be approved in the light of day by elected officials.)

Now that the Colts have told the city to get lost with reference to any contribution by them toward the solution of the CIB financial dilemma, the mayor's chief of staff has come up with a truly imaginative suggestion for leasing the situation.

He's quoted in this morning's paper (4/28/09) as saying, "If the Colts found it intriguing to help fund the arts or cultural tourism or Black Expo, that could be one way to move forward." Our first question is whether he is intimating that failure of intrigue by the Colts will mean continuance of this CIB generosity?

We've heard a lot about what great citizens the Colts are in Indianapolis. If so, wouldn't it be likely that they are already making substantial contributions to these and other organizations?

Frankly, it looks to us like the Colts are "intrigued" only by maintaining every dollar "negotiated" with the CIB. And it seems the relationship between the two organizations is very similar to our "negotiations" with our children when they are asked, "What would you like for Christmas?" Except, of course, we do have very real dollar limits on what we are able to give!

We fail to see how contributions to various civic charities by the football team is, in any way, a real "move forward" toward solution of a municipal agency's fiscal problems which have been years in the making.


I know said...

A great way to mask over the problem and send a little smoke screen to keep hidden the real problem - pure greed. The good old boy Indiana network has to take care of each other or someone will tattle on the other.

If the Legislature does not bail them out tonight I would think someone with a lot to lose will open up to save their fanny when the revelations start to hit home of responsibility.

Someone is going to lose in the deal of the CIB, CCC and the Legislature and some people that know everything in every closet will come out of the woodwork. Supporting the Arts, the Sciences or the Schools will not stop the greed. The truth coming out will begin to have people realize the Arts, Sciences and education should have been sponsored far and away over the sports and few greedy folks along the way. Get the dirt, the wrong doing, the lies and the good old boy back slapping good people destroying kids out in the sunlight and make an example out of some of them.

Indiana air will smell far fresher for it!

M Theory said...

Bring on the SUNSHINE & FRESH AIR!