Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wayne Township (Indianapolis) Trustee Continues His Big Spending Ways

News from the far west side of Indianapolis is that Wayne Township Trustee David King Baird is asking taxpayers for an additional $1,675,000 in excess of the budget for the "Fire Protection Territory Fund."

It is not clear why this money is needed. Has the size of Wayne Township increased, thus necessitating more money? Or has there been a rash of fires on the west side? Whatever the reason, Baird apparently doesn't believe he needs to answer questions. Linda Karn, editor of the Speedway Navigator, has asked Baird why the additional money is needed and he has not responded.

It shouldn't be surprising that the Wayne Township Trustee's Office needs more money. Baird, who makes $81,120 a year, hired as his "chief of staff," his brother, Hershell, a position which pays $78,744 a year and includes the use of a new Ford Crown Victoria. The deputy trustee Lynn McWhirter, makes $58,493 a year. McWhirter is a Republican, a former member of the council, and was was Baird's opponent in 2006. Given the very limited duties of a township trustee, it is unclear what work the Baird brothers and McWhirter could be doing to earn their pay.

Baird's antics seem to single-handily be making the best case possible for the elimination of the township trustee's office. So, in the long-run, some good may come out of this.

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