Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mayor Ballard Contiinues to Fall on the Sword for the Misdeeds of Bart Peterson

Today brings news that the Mayor Greg Ballard's administration is working behind the scenes to urge that taxes be raised to bail out the Capital Improvement Board. The former Democrat Mayor Bart Peterson's appointee to the CIB, Fred Glass, gave the Colts a sweetheart deal which left the CIB deep in the red. Mayor Ballard had a choice to stand up for taxpayers and stand up against something done by former Mayor Peterson. Instead Mayor Ballard has chosen to fall on the sword for Peterson.

It wasn't the first time. Early last year, it came to light that there was an odd, unwritten deal cut behind the scenes to sell off public property at the RCA Dome and to give it to the Colts Foundation and the Indiana Sports Corporation, a private company headed by Democrat Susan Williams. The deal was cut during the Peterson administration, and involved Democrats Williams and Fred Glass. Yours truly filed a lawsuit saying the sale of public property should go to the public, not to a private company like the Sports Corporation. Mayor Ballard had a choice to stand up for taxpayers and stand up against something done by former Mayor Peterson. Instead Mayor Ballard chose to fall on his sword for Peterson.

Last fall we brought the Pan Am deal to light in a lawsuit. At the end of December 2007, as defeated Mayor Peterson was going out of office, his administration sneaked a nondescript resolution through the Metropolitan Development Commission. The resolution was done to try to change a 22 year old agreement so that the Indiana Sports Corporation could sell off the Pan Am Plaza without paying the taxpayers the $6 million required pursuant to the agreement. Once again, Mayor Ballard was faced with an opportunity to stand up up for taxpayers and against something done by former Mayor Peterson. Once again, Mayor Ballard chose to fall on his sword for Peterson.

It is obvious that Mayor Ballard agreed to fall on the political sword for his predecessor these three times by adviser(s) who 1) do not understand political strategy; or 2) are giving out advice based on their own self interests rather than what is in the best political interests of Mayor Ballard. I am guessing the latter.


Downtown Indy said...

Something else being overlooked for the most part is City Market. After millions of dollars were poured into it, and after being many, many months late reopening, it's about to die.

There was much ballyhoo about the meat market, with the proprietor operating as nearly the sole tenant months before the place reopened. Now Moody's is gone, as are most of the first-tier tenants.

It's sad to see that. I remember when the market was two floors, wall to wall, and doing well. The 2nd level shops went away long ago.

The market, like LOS, is an example of what's wrong with the decision-makers in this city. They figure you can throw a bunch of money at something and it will become something wonderful.

It's not working.

What's happened is all our money has gone to window dressing, while the city's foundation continues to crumble.

Paul K. Ogden said...

I knew the meat market downtown at the City Market wasn't going to work. Who patronizes the City Market? Almost exclusively people who work downtown. Most people can't buy a meat on their lunch hour to take home because they have nowhere to store it for the remainder of the day.

You're right about the public investment being poorly thought out.

Downtown Indy said...

Paul, I suspect the market was expected to be supported in part by those condos that never materialized on the old MSA site.

I think the development plans for most of downtown has been little more than 'build it and they will come.' That fine fantasy for a movie but no plan for real life.