Monday, February 16, 2009

Council Republican Ed Coleman Leaving the Party; Will Other Republicans Buck Council Leadership?

Well, the cat's out of the bag, as Gary Welsh says over at Advance Indiana. Tomorrow Republican council member Ed Coleman will announce he's leaving the Republican Party to become a Libertarian.

From reading the blogs reporting on the issue, I think many people are missing the big picture. The current Republican leadership now has a one vote majority on the council. If Councli President Bob Cockrum and Ryan Vaughn think that their leadership positions are safe, they might want to think again. I've heard from several Republican council members who are fed up with the direction of Mayor Ballard's administration which seems tone deaf to taxpayer interests. Further, they are tired of the heavy-handed approach the Mayor's people have taken to Republican council members who dare demonstrate any sort of independence.

If the Mayor's political advisers are smart, which they have shown positively no sign of being this past year, they would rethink their their approach to the council that is so poor as to drive a good conservative Republican council member like Coleman out of the party. While it's unlikely another Republican member will leave the party, don't for a second think that another Republican council member might not join with Coleman and the Democrats to throw out the current council leadership which has proven nothing more than a rubber stamp for a Mayor who has foolishly tossed aside the taxpayers who elected him in favor of cuddling up with the city's corporate elites.

Again we're talking ONE vote. If Cockrum and Vaughn think that all the other Republicans are happy with their leadership and the direction of the administration and they can't possibly lose that one vote, they might want to open up their ears. If they don't learn their lesson from Ed Coleman, they are going to wake up and find themselves in the minority.


Anonymous said...

So when does will Ed Coleman be "Ogdenized" you know personal attacks on him because he would drink the kool-aid? I think this os the first time in Marion County history that a Mayor or County Chairman has lost an elected member of his party. The ironic thing is that the Chairman's party is in charge. Way to go Tommie boy! Is that how Bulen would have done it? Good luck Ed!

Anonymous said...

I've told you, several times, that real Republicans do not belong in the Republican Party.

Anonymous said...

Because of Tom John and Bob Grand, many long-time Marion County GOP members have left the local party. They continue to support many Repuclicans; but, withhold support of the Marion County organizaion.

Diana Vice said...

There's a Biblical principal at play here. The Bible says that judgment begins in the house of God. Well, it also applies to the GOP Big Tent, which just got a little smaller. It's a tough love measure, for sure, but it's the only hope we have of making the party of Lincoln grand again. Ed Coleman earned my respect for standing up to the good ole boy network.