Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Conflicted Capital Improvement Board Exposed

Unbelievable. Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana has obtained the financial disclosure statements of all the members of the CIB and exhaustively detailed all their financial conflicts. Hopefully everyone on the Indianapolis City-County Council will read what Gary has to say and pay attention. Can't we at least have one board member that puts taxpayers ahead of corporate interests? Is that really too much to ask for? A voice that might say "No" when the CIB plans to spend $15 million more for the Pacers? Or perhaps someone who will insist that the CIB ask for concessions from the Colts?

Here is the Advance Indiana story.

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M Theory said...

Like I said Paul, the Mayor thought enough of professional sports to put people on the board to look out for their interests.
Mayor Ballard thought nothing of us, the taxpayers who elected him. If he did he would appoint a lawyer to the CIB to work on our behalf. Both you and Gary are qualified. He won't even make eye contact with Gary! And I dare say, without Gary's help, Ballard wouldn't be Mayor today!