Saturday, November 1, 2008

Say It Ain't So, Brian; Could Indiana Republicans Wake Up November 5th With Only Dan Burton Left?

Howey Politics Indiana reports that some of the polling in congressional districts showing 3 of the 4 Republicans feeling the heat. It's no surprise that Congressman Mark Souder, who represents NE Indiana in Indiana's third Congressional district is one of them. Earlier this week, the Howey/Gauge Poll had showed Democrat Michal Montagano leading Souder 44-41. In these pages, I predict Souder will fall leaving the Democrats with a 6-3 advantage in Indiana's congressional delegation.

According to HPI, some of the polling suggests the Democrats might have a chance to also knock off Steve Buyer and Mike Pence. While losing Steve Buyer in the 4th CD was always considered an outside chance, no one seriously thought the Democratic tide could take out Pence in the 6th CD. According to Howey an internal Republican poll shows Pence with only a 3 point lead over Democrat Barry Welsh in late October.

Reports on early voting suggests incredibly high turnout in Democrat Marion and Lake County, turnout that doesn't forebode well for Republican statewide candidates. But few thought that an Obama tidal wave would have that much of an impact in the rural counties that make up most of these three congressional districts. I still have trouble believing Buyer and especially Pence could be in trouble. It would be a late Halloween scare to wake up on November 5th with Democrats in control of 8 of 9 Indiana congressional districts, and the only Republican left standing being Dan Burton.

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May not be much sleepin' going on Monday night.