Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Polling Place - Pike 28; Turnout Observations

Yesterday I spent working my home precinct Pike 28, which includes Saddlebrook North and some older neighborhoods directly to the east, both above and below 56th Street. Four precincts, including Pike 28, vote at Guion Creek Elementary school. When I arrived I barely could find anyplace to park, finally having to park at Guion Creek Middle School which is next to the elementary school. Voters were backed out the door for what seemed like a quarter mile at 5:45 a.m. We continued to have a constant stream of voters until about 3 p.m. During they day Election Board workers delivered around 360 absentee/early votes. We had to open the envelopes, check off each individual name, and then run the ballots through the machine. That took an incredibly long amount of time, especially since we were continually interrupted by a stream of voters. (This process has to be changed.)

During the last two hours of the poll a funny thing happen. The late afternoon rush, normally our busiest time, never happened. Why? Well, I think we'd voted about 100% of the precincts. Let's examine the numbers. We had 858 voters in Pike 28, which has about 1225 voters, or 70%. Readers of my blog know that I've railed against bloated voter registration lists that are filled with the names of dead voters and those who have moved. I would estimate those "non-voters" as about 30% of the names. That means around 100% of the actual registered voters who live in Pike 28 voted.

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