Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Increased Holiday Patrols Funded by Federal Tax Money

This morning's Indianapolis Star brings a report that the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute will be handing out $250,000 to local law enforcement agencies for increased patrols this Thanksgiving holiday. One of the things officers will be looking for is seat belt usage. Great. So instead of having law enforcement out there catching violent criminals, they'll be looking in the windows of cars to see if passengers are wearing their seatbelts.

In response to that sarcastic answer, the article assures us that this is extra money since it is a grant from the federal government. Translation: we are taking money not from the taxpayers' right front pocket, but rather from their left pocket. Like that is supposed to make it okay. The policing function being funded has nothing to do with those functions served by the federal government. If state and local governments wants an increased police presence over the holidays, it should be state and local governments paying for it. (My guess is that taxpayers would not approve of limited police resources being used to pull people over for seat belt violations.) This shell game only makes it easier for government officials to justify spending taxpayer money.


Diana Vice said...

I feel safer already knowing that the Nanny government will be looking out for my safety. Do you hear the saracasm?! You just touched on one of my hot button issues.

guido said...

If my check bounces is it my fault or the banks?????