Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Serious Energy Policy - Not

If you want to read an unrealistic response to the energy crisis read Jesse Kharbanda's op-ed piece in today's Indianapolis Star. Kharbanda is the executive director of the Hoosier Environmental Council. Kharbanda suggests the following as solutions to the crisis:

*Businesses should make carpooling easier and provide preferred parking to carpoolers.
*Businesses should install bike racks and showers
*Bus schedules and route maps need to be prominently displayed
*We should spend more on public transportion
*We should develop public-private partnerships to advance walkable, bikeable communities

Is Kharbanda being serious? They are good ideas, but a substitute for more oil exploration and development of other energy sources they are not. It's hard to take the Hoosier Environmental Council serious on issues like this when their suggestions fall so far short of realistically addressing the problems we face.

Republicans and Democrats have offered a number of suggestions regarding how to approach the energy crisis. Republicans focus more on energy production. Democrats focus more on conservation. Both approaches are needed.

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