Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Revenge of the Geese

Often I ride my bike to my downtown law office. The trip involves a long, peaceful ride down the White River trail. The area is littered with geese who like to hang out on the path. As my bike approaches they scramble to get out of the way, screeching at me in the process for having disturbed their peace and solitude.

As I neared my home yesterday, I saw a gaggle of geese up ahead on the road. As I got within about 30 feet, they all suddenly took to flight passing directly over my head. Next thing I know, I was being bombarded with bird excrement. Fortunately only one scored a direct hit, clipping me on my leg.

I think it's time to make peace with the geese. It's obvious they are capable of very complex thinking and know how to retaliate. Given their numbers, it's probably better not to mess with them.

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Anonymous said...

They "disappeared" them along the canal in Broadripple.