Friday, September 19, 2008

A Goose and a Duck Walk Into a Bar...

Okay, that's not the joke. Along the White River Trial where I ride my bike I see literally hundreds of geese hanging out in the open fields, sometimes walking onto the trail. Actually I should say hundreds of geese and one lone duck which hangs out in the middle of all the geese.

The other day I got to see the duck up close as the group he was with crossed the trail. No doubt it was a duck, but I saw that the feathers on his/her back had a brownish tint to it, similar to the color of the geese's feathers, but lighter.

No one seems to know the answer - can ducks and geese interbreed? Several people have assured me they can, but they can point to no support for their opinion. I have my doubts and believe, at the very least, it's a rare occurrence. Anyone who knows, let me know. I'm getting tired of googling to attempt to find the answer.

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