Saturday, August 30, 2008

VP Sarah Palin

I'm thrilled with the choice. Before the pick, I kept hearing from Republican friends who thought McCain was in good shape to win the election. I'm on record as saying the election was going to be a disaster for the Republicans, including at the top of the ticket. Why? Because this is going to be a major "change" election and we nominated a status quo candidate for President. Further, in a year in which economic issues are at the forefront, our candidate's interest and expertise is in foreign policy. Then you have an unpopular incumbent and an unpopular war which McCain is the leading supporter of. The planets were lining up against the Republicans this year.

McCain needed to do something dramatic with his Veep choice. To win he needed to find the weakness of the Obama-Biden ticket and exploit it. That weakness was the millions of voters Obama left behind by not putting Hillary on the ticket. McCain not only succeeded with his choice, he also solidified his base by picking a social conservative. Republican presidential candidates win with a coalition of economic and social conservatives. While there is tension among the two groups, they need each other to win.

Democrats are making a mistake criticizing Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for a lack of experience. That strategy only highlights Obama's lack of experience and he's the one at the top of the ticket.

I know the euphoria will wear off eventually and I'll be back to knowing in my heart of hearts that rarely does the VP choice make any difference in a presidential race. In the meantime, let me enjoy the moment. We may be at the highest point in the McCain campaign. Let's savor it, just in case it doesn't get any better.


M Theory said...

Paul, I was planning to vote for Barr until this announcement, as I didn't didn't like McCain and Obama even less.

However, with Palin in the White House I think I could sleep at night. I just don't see her stepping aside and doing nothing while our country is stolen from us.

However, we should caution. I can easily see those in power setting up a permimeter and not letting her near the game because she is a whistle blower.

Kind of like the same thing Ballard's handlers have done to him in regard to the people who got him elected.

I see Cindy McCain and Sarah Palin becoming friends.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin may just be the straw that breaks the media which is leftist, loud, and are at the verge of turning this country to its image. One can only hope there will be backlash against the daily onslaught and promotion of the marxist Obama. Also the backlash against a media that hates all this country stands for and barages us all daily with its agenda. They can't stand someone that says no without doublespeak.