Thursday, October 13, 2022

Herschel Walker and the Party About Nothing

So, Georgia Senate candidate and former football star Herschel Walker is a liar and a hypocrite and Republican elected officials have no problem with that.  In shades of Seinfeld, the GOP has become a party about nothing, a valueless vessel for candidates seeking the spotlight of elected office.  As former NRA gadfly and right-wing radio host Dana Loesch put it "winning is a virtue."  Actually, winning at all costs is the only thing that seems to matter to the Trumpified GOP.  

Two Georgia polls released yesterday show incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock with a 3 and 7 point lead over Walker.  I just don't see how Walker ever gets above 45% in a general election. Even if he survives to a run-off, the anti-Warnock vote is just not strong enough to boost Walker over the 50% threshold.  Plus, Warnock is going to benefit from a lot of Republican voters passing up voting in the Senate race or crossing over to vote for him.

Meanwhile, Republican Governor Brian Kemp appears to be on his way to to re-election.  I have long been a critic of his 2018 and 2022 opponent Democrat Stacey Abrams.  In 2018, Abrams claimed Kemp stole the election when he, as then Secretary of State for Georgia, removed a number of people from the voting rolls who had not voted for several cycles.  Never mind that Kemp was simply following the law in doing a much overdue cleaning up of the registration lists of perpetual non-voters who were likely deceased or had moved.  The media was quick to call out Trump for claiming, without offering any proof, that the Georgia election was stolen from him.  Yet, that same media refused to call out Abrams, who lost the state by a margin three times what Trump did, for claiming, without evidence, that Kemp stole the governorship from her.

While it appears the Republicans have a shot of picking up a Senate seat in Nevada, virtually everywhere across the country Republican Senate candidates are underperforming.  Donald Trump was very successful in winning Senate Republican primaries.  But winning a primary gets you nothing if you don't win the general election.  In addition to Georgia, Trump saddled the Republicans with terrible candidates in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina and New Hampshire.  Trump cost the Republicans control of the Senate in 2020 and he is poised to do the same in 2022.

A political party standing for nothing except opposing the other party is not a winning formula.  In the era of Trump, the GOP has eschewed its conservative principles to go all in on "winning" at all costs.  The only problem is the Republican Party is not winning. 

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