Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Trump Keeps Campaign Cash For Himself Rather Than Help Out His Endorsed Candidates

In February, former President Trump's Save America PAC reported taking in $3.5 million, while spending $1.2 million.  As a result of the fundraising effort, the PAC now has $110 billion in the bank.

While Trump's businesses have profited from the haul, virtually none of the candidates he has endorsed has received money from the Trump's PAC.  In February, Trump endorsed two dozen candidates.  None have received a contribution.  February marked the second straight month that Trump didn't donate a cent to Republican candidates.

Bloomberg reports:

Trump has endorsed GOP candidates at the federal, state and local level, focusing on those who support his baseless claims the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him or are challenging Republican incumbents who opposed him. He’s championed more than 130 candidates since leaving the White House, more than half of whom are running for federal office. He’s also endorsed politicians running for state and local positions as well as Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

But while he has the biggest bank roll in Republican politics, he hasn’t spread much of it around. Save America has given just $350,500 to other candidates since July. It hasn’t made a single donation in 2022. PACs can donate $5,000 to federal candidates per election, while state laws set different maximum contributions. Save America could also make unlimited independent expenditures -- usually ad buys -- on behalf of candidates it supports.

OOP's short takes:

  • The Senate confirmation hearing for Judge Katanji Brown Jackson begins today.  I am not terribly offended that President Biden announced in advance that he would be picking a black woman for the opening and that Brown meets that criterion.  
  • Republicans are using the process to complain about how Kavanaugh was treated by Democrats during the last confirmation.  Republicans are not wrong about the lack of credible evidence in support of the accusation against Kavanaugh that nearly derailed his nomination.  But Kavanaugh is not the first nominee who has faced such attacks.  The late Robert Bork and Justice Clarence Thomas also faced character assassination during their confirmation hearings. Thomas survived those attacks, Bork did not.   
  • Now Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) though is trying to equal the score by acting as deplorable in confirmations as his Democratic colleagues have.  Senator Hawley is taking a page out of the Qanon playbook by suggesting that Judge Jackson is pedophile friendly.  Disgusting, but not unexpected.
  • Saw that Dick Van Dyke is now 96 years old.  I would have bet anything that Van Dyke, a former smoker who has long struggled to overcome depression and alcoholism, would never reach 90 years old, much less 96.  Congrats.

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