Monday, March 7, 2022

Four Days on Former President Trump's Fundraising Email List

On Thursday, the Trump fundraising appeals began with an email at 9:06 am asking me to "Save the date" about an upcoming rally in South Carolina.  I could be his VIP at the rally if I were selected.   Even

though I'm one of Trump's "most loyal supporters," it would cost me $25 to have a chance to win the honor.  Twenty-four minutes later, I received another email from the Trump campaign asking me to take a survey about who is better for American - "President" Trump or Joe Biden.   When you submit the survey, the Trump campaign again asks for money even if you picked "Joe Biden" in all your answers. 

The Trump campaign email onslaught continued on Thursday and throughout the weekend.  I have them catalogued along with the subject line of the email.

Thursday, March 3rd (12 emails)
9:06 am:   Save the Date
9:30 am:   I urgently need your input
11:16 am:  Would you vote for President Trump a third time
11:50 am:   Record-high energy prices
2:16 pm:   Response requested
2:34 pm:  I really need you to read this
5:16 pm:  We have something important to tell you
5:49 pm:  You + my father at the rally (supposedly from Don, Jr.)
7:45 pm:  I cannot do this alone
9:15 pm:  600%: REACTIVATED  (this is the fake matching fundraising appeal)
9:49 pm:   A trip down memory lane
11:05 pm:  This is your last chance (I'm guessing probably not)

Friday, March 14th (13 emails)
8:46 am:  ERROR
9:06 am:  Let's take a picture
11:16 am:  what should be the biggest story of our time
1:35 pm:  600%-IMPACT 600%-IMPACT 600%-IMPACT
2:31 pm:  Just in:  Your 600% IMPACT
2:52 pm:  Gold is my favorite color
4:00 pm:  I'm preparing for my next rally
5:28 pm:  Commemorative Gold Trump Coin
5:50 pm:  President Trump needs your input
6:45 pm:  Entry #20224545
8:35 pm:  I designed a limited-edition Make America Great Again Hat
9:50 pm:  600%: REACTIVATED
11:05 pm:  Joe Biden's State of the Union Address was TERRIBLE

Saturday, March 5th (12 emails)
2:38 am:  President Trump's Book  (release of yet another Trump book that he didn't write and didn't read)
9:05 am:  You have an unread email
9:31 am:  Inner Friend Circle
11:15 am:  I've never done this before.  (Yeah, right.)
11:50 am:  Make sure the Radical Left hears you LOUD AND CLEAR.
2:15 pm:  Joe Biden's State of the Union Address was pitiful
2:35 pm;  Join the ranks
5:15 pm:  The American People LOVE President Trump.  (The 2020 election results say otherwise)
5:50 pm:  re:my last email to you
8:35 pm:  Win a limited-edition MAGA Hat that I signed for you
9:49 pm:  30 seconds
11:04 pm:  The Fake News will always TRASH President Trump

Sunday, March 6th (13 emails)
9:05 am:  Pitiful
9:31 am:  Let's take a picture
11:15 am:  We urgently NEED your input
11:50 am:  You are always someone I can count on to tell me the truth"
12:07 pm:  Rally Entry #20224522
2:16 pm:  It's time to enter
2:35 pm:  RE: entry status
5:14 pm:  I really need you to read this
5:50 pm:  600%-IMPACT 600%-IMPACT 600%-IMPACT
7:45 pm:  Are you going to claim your DOUBLE-ENTRY?
8:35 pm:  Your offer is ready
9:50 pm:  I'm giving you the chance to INCREASE your IMPACT by 600%
11:05 pm:  Urgent Trump Donor Wall - This is for YOU only (I'm thinking not)

Over the years, I had fallen off Trump's email list.  Not sure how I got back on.  I have never given that failed businessman, reality show star, failed President a dime.  Imagine how many emails I would get if I had donated to him?

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