Sunday, November 29, 2020

Trump Campaign Updates for Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia

Instead of recounting the entire state of Wisconsin, the Trump campaign decided to save some money and only count the state's two largest counties, Milwaukee and Dane.   Still, the recount cost the Trump campaign more than $3 million.  It turned out to not be a good investment.  

Biden had a net gain of 132 votes after the Milwaukee County recount.  In Dane County, Trump netted 45 votes. For the recount to succeed Trump would needed a gain of over 20,000 votes.  


Saturday night, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court unanimously dismissed a lawsuit filed by Congressman Mike Kelly and other Pennsylvania Republicans.  The lawsuit had tried to invalidate absentee voting and block the certification of vote total.

On Friday, a federal appeals court upheld a Pennsylvania district court's decision to dismiss a Trump campaign lawsuit.

Both cases are now eligible for consideration by the United States Supreme Court.  Yeah, good luck getting the Supreme Court to elect Donald Trump president.


Georgia Republicans are feeling the effects of Trump's claim that Georgia GOP officials ran a fraudulent election in November.   On Thursday,  Trump called Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, a Republican and Trump supporter, an "enemy of the people."  Georgia Governor Kemp, also a Republican and enthusiastic backer of President Trump, also has been attacked by prominent Trump supporters, including Trump attorneys who accuse Kemp and Raffensperger of being involved in a conspiracy to help Biden win the election.

On Saturday, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel attended a campaign stop to promote Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue in their up-coming run-off contests, only to find herself confronted by angry Republicans demanding to know why they should participate in the run-off when the election is already rigged against the GOP candidates.  McDaniel struggled to explain her support for Trump's claim that he lost Georgia because tens of thousands of Republican votes were not counted in the vote totals due to fraud, but those same Republicans should vote in the January 5th run-off election because that election will be run fairly.

  • Prominent Atlanta attorney and huge Trump supporter L. Lin Wood is viciously attacking Georgia Governor Kemp on his Twitter feed.  While his tweets are entertaining, they are also kind of sad.  One gets the impression there may be something wrong with Mr. Wood.  One wonders if the Georgia Bar should intervene to see if there might be some mental health concerns.
  • Maria Bartiroma of Fox News is getting skewered over a phone interview she had of President Trump this morning.  CNN Brian Stelter had the best description of the Bartiroma interview: "This was not hardball. It wasn't even softball. It was t-ball,"  This though is not the first time Bartiroma completely abdicated her journalistic responsibilities to act as a shill spewing Trump propaganda.  She is giving Lou Dobbs a run for his money in that department.


leon dixon said...

You assume, incorrectly, of course, that the Trump recount was in the Democrat mode, e.g. find votes to "close the gap" and then overcome the gap. That was not the purpose in Wisconsin. It was to identify illegal votes. That should have been an easy task. We will see or not see if that particular effort was a success or not. That is, an editorial "we" as your sources don't generally report news.

leon dixon said... Why one need not consult Republicans on voter fraud-they know next to nothing about how to do it.

leon dixon said...

A small précis for your shit eaters......

Flogger said...

Trump has revealed himself to be a charismatic wanna be authoritarian dictator. If number of votes are not in his favor his narcissist personality traits kick-in overdrive.

Trump simply cannot allow anyone to reject him. Those that do overtly reject him are subject to cruel, sadistic ridicule. Those that do not in Trump's opinion adequately serve his wants, needs and desires are thrown overboard - Like Jeff Sessions.

The GOP leadership in Georgia decided the rule of law was more important then Trump winning. This is not acceptable behavior to Trump. Even if it means breaking the rules or laws, this is what Trump expects.

leon dixon said... Having evidence now in hand, the $3 million looks like a bargain. Trump continues to raise funds for these lawsuits AND for the electoral contest in Georgia. Lowest # I've heard is $150,000,000 since election day.