Monday, November 16, 2020

More Good Covid-19 Virus Vaccination News Propels Dow Jones Near 30,000

As I write this the Dow Jones is within reach of 30,000.  The stock market index is up nearly 2,300 points since the election.

It is obvious that the stock market is not at all troubled by the fact that Donald Trump will no longer be President.  Indeed, the stock market seems thrilled with the result - a new President who is much more stable than his predecessor, a Democrat who will be checked from going too far to the left by Republicans in Congress.  Those who invest in the stock market could not have asked for a better result.

The stock market also is rising in no small part due to news about Covid-19 vaccination news. First Pfizer announced last week that tests have shown Covid-19 vaccination is 90% effective, much higher than the 50% or so effectiveness of the season flu vaccine.  Then this morning came even better news that Moderna's Covid-19 vaccination is 94.5% effective and has significant storage advantages over the Pfizer vaccination which requires super cold temperatures.

Donald Trump's response?  This morning he tweeted the following

Another Vaccine just announced. This time by Moderna, 95% effective. For those great “historians”, please remember that these great discoveries, which will end the China Plague, all took place on my watch!

Of course, because everything is always about him.  Trump's supporters are so brainwashed they would probably believe that "Dear Leader" was the one in the lab coming up with the formula for the vaccine.  

Back in the real world, President Trump has not met with his Covid-19 task force in 5 months. He has made opposition to mask mandates and other public health measures a matter of conservative orthodoxy.  Indeed just this morning, one of Trump's closest Covid-19 advisors, "Doctor" Scott Atlas, tweeted this:

The only way this stops is if people rise up. You get what you accept. #FreedomMatters #StepUp
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philip lewis
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has announced an epidemic order for 3 weeks, starting this Wednesday. In-person learning for high schools and colleges are halted. Indoor dining, theaters, stadiums, organized sports (except pros) are no longer open.

Again, returning to the real world, the United States has 4.2% of the world's population and, despite some of the best health care facilities in the world, over 19% of people who have died from Covid-19 are Americans. President Trump has not only mocked mask-wearing and social distancing, he has actively worked against expanded testing and contact tracing.  He even put hundreds of thousands of his supporters at risk for contracting the virus during campaign rallies.  How many Trump supporters have gotten sick and died from Covid-19 because they decided to attend a Trump rally? 

Now that the election is over, Trump has blocked the transition including the Biden folks working with the Trump public health officials working on Covid-19.  The result will be a delay in distribution of the vaccination, with more Americans dying as a result.

A quarter of a million Americans have died from Covid-19.  Trump does not care that Americans are dying.  Donald Trump cares about Donald Trump and no one else.   Not sure when or if Trumpers  wake up to that fact.

OOP's short takes:

  • Voters who brought lawsuits in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania with the goal of overturning the results in those states were dropped Monday morning.  All the lawsuits were brought by Indiana attorney James Bopp, Jr., a well-known conservative political free speech attorney who successfully litigated the Citizens United case.  I worked with Bopp on the Rex Early for Governor campaign in 1993/1994   I like Bopp and hate to see him lend his name to such nonsense.  My guess is that Bopp realized that his reputation as a serious attorney would be damaged by his involvement in the lawsuits.  Or, maybe Bopp realized that he, like virtually everyone who works for Trump, would never actually get paid for the work he did..
  • I am fascinated by Attorney L. Lin Wood, the legendary trial attorney from Atlanta.  It has  been alleged that he is going through a late career meltdown, perhaps similar to Rudolph Giuliani.   His former law partners sued Woods on August 31st over a broken agreement on fees when those partners broke away from the firm.  The complaint details allegations of Wood's unhinged behavior including threats, physical assault, middle of the night rambling communications, early a.m. meetings, and repeated assertions he is doing God's will.  Here are a couple paragraphs from a lengthy 3:45 am email Wood allegedly sent, which email is included in complaint:  
  • "You all better get on your knees and pray to Almighty God that He now asks me to show you mercy. If he does, I will show it, if he does not, I will deliver a fiery judgment against you on earth. Who the fuck did you think you were dealing with? You were screwing around me with, but I was someone else in disguise. You in fact have been screwing around with God Almighty. I am not God. You lied when you told others that I thought I was…. I am L. Lin Wood – the sole member of L. Lin Wood, P.C. The architect of the most masterful and powerful Valentine’s Day massacre known in American history. The last one killed seven. Mine will ruin many more before it is over. Deservedly so."
  • "You are the ones who are crazy, not me. You are all the fools, not me. You are all driven by fame and fortune, not me…. You are going to have to spend every day for the rest of your lives on earth by your every act and deed proving to God that you are genuinely sorry for the sins you have committed against HIM. I’m not going to waste anymore time listing your sins. You know them. God knows them…"
  • And that's just a small portion of Wood's allegedly erratic behavior detailed in the complaint.   Wood is representing Trump in a Georgia lawsuit and is also representing, pro bono, the Kenosha, Wisconsin shooter Kyle Rittenhouse.  God's work, apparently.                                                                                                                      

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