Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Polls Show Biden Significantly Expanding Lead Following Debate

Four weeks from Election Day Deadline, the polls for Trump and Republicans could hardly be any worse.  An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, conducted after last week's debate, shows Biden leading nationally by 14 points.  Mid-September the NBC News/WSJ had the Biden lead at 8 points.

Then today came the release of a new CNN poll, conducted after the debate and after Trump's Covid-19 diagnosis. which shows Biden leading the race by 16.  This represents a doubling of the lead from CNN's last poll at the start of September.  By the way, the most recent CNN poll has Biden with a 66-32 lead among women.  

The all-important swing state polls don't offer Trump and Republicans any solace.  A Monmouth University poll shows Biden's lead among registered voters in Pennsylvania reaching at 12%.  Polls released yesterday and today show Biden leading in Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan and Delaware.  Trump did have an Ohio poll go in his favor though (by 4 points), as well as, not surprisingly, polls in North Dakota, Utah, and Alabama.

Let's take a look at the current swing and near-swing state poll averages, according to FiveThirtyEight:

Arizona:  Biden by 4.4
Colorado:  Biden by 12.3
Florida:   Biden by 3.4
Georgia:  Biden by 0.8
Iowa:  Trump by 1.2
Michigan: Biden by 7.3
Minnesota:  Biden by 9.2
Nevada:  Biden by 6.6
New Hampshire:  Biden by 9.7
New Mexico:  Biden by 13.1
North Carolina:  Biden by 2.1
Ohio:  Biden by 0.4
Pennsylvania:  Biden by 6.6
Texas:  Trump by 1.9
Virginia:  Biden by 11.8
Wisconsin:  Biden by 6.9

The website 270towin.com has a model which combines nine different electoral forecasts to come up with a consensus, no toss-up electoral map.  The consensus map. which gives Ohio, Iowa. Texas and Georgia to Trump, has Biden winning the electoral college 335-203.  

OOP's short takes:

  • Heard a physician interviewed yesterday who said that, considering Trump's Covid-19 symptoms, he likely has had the infection for two weeks.  According to the White House, Trump is supposedly tested for Covid-19 multiple times a day.  That would mean Trump attended last week's debate knowing he was infected.  
  • I see Trump is now back to claiming Covid-19 is not that bad, certainly no worse than the seasonal flu.  Does he not remember there are audiotapes of him saying to journalist Bob Woodward how dangerous Covid-19 is?  

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