Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Trump Campaign Goes Dark in Key Battleground States As It Faces Cash Crunch

Absolutely stunning.  Who would have thought post-Labor Day the Trump campaign would be broke (after raising over $1 billion) and the Biden campaign flush with cash?  Bloomberg News reports:

President Donald Trump’s campaign is scaling back its television advertising spending and in some cases abandoning it altogether for now in key states, facing a cash crunch brought

on by huge investments in staff and operations. 

Trump’s re-election campaign vowed last month to saturate voters early with ads in battleground states where voters cast large numbers of ballots before Election Day. But with 50 days until the election, the campaign is canceling ads in states he’ll need to win. In those crucial states, Trump lags Democratic nominee Joe Biden in polling, and Biden has more money to spend.

Between Aug. 10 and Sept. 7, Biden spent $97.7 million on broadcast and cable ads, while Trump spent $21.6 million, according to ad-tracking firm Advertising Analytics.

In some crucial battleground states Biden outspent Trump. In Wisconsin, Biden spent $9.2 million to Trump’s $1.5 million; in Florida, Biden spent $23.2 million to Trump’s $6.4 million; in Arizona, Biden spent $10 million compared to $1.4 million by Trump, and in North Carolina, Biden spent $11.5 million to Trump’s $3.7 million.

Georgia was one state where the Trump campaign outspent Biden -- $2.7 million to $1.3 million.

In that same period, the Trump campaign stopped running ads in Michigan and Pennsylvania, two battleground states where Trump currently trails Biden by about 4 percentage points, according to RealClearPolitics. Biden booked $8.5 million in Michigan and nearly $16.8 million in Pennsylvania. 


[A]s the fall season approached, the Trump campaign started delaying or canceling ad time it had already bought. In Arizona, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania, all key battleground states, the Trump campaign hasn’t aired any local ads since Labor Day. It’s also cut back in Minnesota and Michigan, and instead put money into Florida, North Carolina and even Georgia, a reliably Republican state that wasn’t on its advertising map a month ago.

In my years of following politics, I've never seen anything like this.  How do you raise over $1 billion for a campaign and not save enough money for post-Labor Day TV advertising?

OOPs short takes:

  • What in the heck is going on at Newsweek?  Today, Newsweek online published an article titled "As Trump Boosts Ad Spend, Biden Unveils $65 Million Splurge in Battleground States".   The focus of the Newsweek article is on the Trump campaign's response to the news that it has pulled advertising from key battleground states, which fact was detailed in the Bloomberg story cited above.  The Newsweek article, however, just reports on vague plans as to the types of commercials the Trump campaign plans to run in the battleground states at some point in the future.  
  • Further, contrary to the Newsweek headline, Biden's TV spending in battleground states was outlined in the original Bloomberg News article.  It is not a new effort in response to these vague plans of the Trump campaign to increase its ad spending at some time in the future.  The Newsweek headline could not be more dishonest if it were written by the Trump campaign.
  • What idiot on the Trump campaign thought it was a good idea to put the President in a town hall format answering questions from ordinary people?   
  • News today is that Michael Caputo is taking a two month leave of absence as spokesman for Health and Human Services in order to focus on his health and well-being of his family.  I have no love for Caputo, but he clearly is a person who has mental health issues and needs help. Let's hope he gets it.

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