Thursday, September 3, 2020

Fox News Buries Bad Fox News Polls

Late yesterday afternoon,  Fox released poll numbers for Wisconsin, North Carolina and Arizona, states Trump won in 2016 by .7, 3.7 and 3.5 points, respectively.  The Fox News poll of likely voters show Trump losing Wisconsin by 8, North Carolina by 4 and Arizona by 9 points.  

Those weren't the only bad polls for Trump polls.  Morning Consult and Opinium also released Wisconsin likely voter polls showing Biden winning Wisconsin by 8 and 13 points respectively. 

Opinium also released a poll showing Trump trailing by 7 points.

I was most interested in the A- rated Fox News polls, however.  Fox News actually employs a Republican and Democratic pollster to jointly conduct its polls.  They employ live calls to cell and landline phones, the most accurate way of doing polls.    Wanting to read more about the polls, I looked
for the accompanying article on the Fox News home page.   Nowhere in sight.  The home page had links to scores and scores of articles, but Fox News buried its own poll deep in its pages.  It took a Google search to find the story.  I checked back again today, and news of the Fox state polls is nowhere on its home page.

So the lesson is, while Fox News does not allow bias to interfere with the polling it commissions, it allows its bias to interfere with how it reports on those polls, particularly when its bad news for President Trump.

OOP's short takes:
  • Recent polls show Trump narrowing the gap in Minnesota and Pennsylvania.  Not surprised about Minnesota, a state Trump narrowly lost in 2016.  The one I find surprising is Pennsylvania.  Of the three states that put Trump over the top in 2016 - Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, I would have figured the President would struggle the most in Pennsylvania.  But right now, that's the closest of the three.
  • Yesterday, Trump encouraged voters in North Carolina to vote twice, once by mail, once in person, to test the system.  Of course, that would be a felony.  Yet, no doubt many of his minions will do exactly what they are told.  Trump certainly could use some double votes in North Carolina, a state he won in 2016 but is currently running behind in.'
  • Could Attorney General Bill Barr be more dishonest?  In an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer yesterday, Barr said that it appears that the major problem with foreign interference so far is China intervening to help Biden.  Except that's not what the American intelligence found.  While China and Iran do have a preference for Biden, American intelligence services found that only Russia that is actively intervening to help its preference - Trump - get elected.  Barr had other incredibly dishonest answers during Blitzer interview, but I don't have time or space to compile them all here.
  • Do I dare call it "Hairgate?"  Ugh.  Speaker Nancy Pelosi is taking flack for a hair appointment she had in San Francisco on Monday.   A hair stylist at the eSalon informed Pelosi's office that a new San Francisco ordinance, which went into effect on Friday, allowed the appointment as long as there was just one customer in the office.  Turns out a hair stylist was wrong about the ordinance - the appointment had to be outside.  The owner of eSalon, upset about Pelosi's appointment, turned over security footage to Fox News which showed Pelosi wet hair and maskless, walking from one small room to another.   This is now a BIG issue in Trump Town USA.  Trump cares about Pelosi's hair appointment, but does not care that Putin is putting bounties on the heads of American soldiers.  That speaks volumes about the bankrupt values of Trump and his followers.

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