Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Poll Suggests South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham Re-Election in Jeopardy

A new poll released today shows South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham's re-election bid is in trouble.  The poll by Civiqs (which is rated as a B/C pollster by Five Thirty Eight) has Democrat Jaime Harrison in a dead-heat, 42-42, with Graham, who is seeking a fourth term.  The poll also shows Trump with a 10 point lead over Biden in the Palmetto State.
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

The topline numbers of the poll are troubling enough for Graham.  But the details reveal an even more dire situation for the South Carolina Republican .  Only 35% of those polled view Graham favorably while 56% view him unfavorably.  Harrison's numbers meanwhile are 35% favorable, 28% unfavorable.  Independents really dislike Graham, 68-21.  Not surprisingly, Graham does best with older (50+) white voters.

Meanwhile a new Arizona poll, also released today, shows incumbent appointed Republican Senator Martha McSally trailing her Democratic opponent, Mark Kelly, by 10 points.  A North Carolina poll released yesterday shows Republican Senator Thom Tillis two points behind his Democratic challenger, Cal Cunningham.

While the Arizona and North Carolina senate seats have always been tossups, the big news is that the GOP may have to pump money into saving a Senate seat in South Carolina.  That is a major headache the Republican Party does not need as it finds itself struggling to preserve its Senate majority.

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