Thursday, May 11, 2017

Quinnipiac Polls Americans For One Word Description of Donald Trump

A Quinnipiac Poll released yesterday showed that President Donald Trump support had fallen back to near record lows of 36%. Probably the most interesting part of the poll though is when the university asked "the first word that comes to mind when you think of Donald Trump?"   Here are the top 10 results:

1.  Idiot  9
2.  Incompetent 31
3.  Liar   30
4.  Leader  25
5.  Unqualified  25
6.  President  22
7. Strong  21
8.  Businessman 18
9.  Ignorant  16
10. Egotistical  15
11. Asshole  13
11. Stupid  13
13. Arrogant  12
13.  Trying  12
15.  Bully  11
15.  Business  11
15.  Narcissist  11
15. Successful 11
19.  Disgusting 10
19.  Great  10


  1. I vote for asshole. What a toad.

  2. I think that #1 result is 39 instances

  3. I'd more enjoy hearing one word descriptions for RINO eGOP establishmentarian extraordinaire Mike Pence, the crony and feckless RINO Reince Priebus, and liberal-lite Jared Kushner.

    All the above, imho, hold great responsiblity for the RINO, establishment career GOP Democrat-lites in the DJT Administration. And why there are crises galore these first several months.

    Is is any wonder there such dissaray in the White House? And to be honest, DJT allows it to occur by retaining the heretofore mentioned.

  4. I remain grateful beyond measure Hillary Rodhem Clinton did not win the election.

    I do not recall voting for Ivanka or Jared.

    DJT now "bends" his many campaign promises to the point he changed them.

    The entire clan leaned liberal Democrat to begin with and now we see how impossible it is for animals to change their nature.

    Hhmmm, perhaps Hillary won after all.... considering all the Democrat victories DJT and Paul Ryan recently handed the leftist Democrat Party minority.

  5. President Snowflake is complaining that he's being picked-on. I think he needs a safe space. How about a prison cell?

  6. A lot of those words describe Trump voters... Stupid, ignorant, disgusting, idiot assholes.

  7. WHEN YOU’VE LOST CHRIS MATTHEWS: Chris Matthews: Trump-Russia collusion theory ‘came apart’ with Comey testimony. Well, as we know from the book Shattered, the whole “collusion” thing was made up right after the election to excuse Hillary’s humiliating defeat.

    I suppose those "pussy" hats have lost quite a bit of value these days?

  8. Anon 5:37, I'm still wondering why the Branch Trumpidian cultists believe it has to be "collusion" or nothing at all. I guess that Kool-Aid they're drinking clouds their brains.