Monday, March 6, 2017

VP Pence Shows Pres. Trump How Conservatives Can Successfully Handle The Liberal Media

The Indianapolis Star reports:
WASHINGTON – Vice President Mike Pence joked Saturday night that the most embarrassing part of the recent news that he used a personal email account while Indiana’s governor is that millions of Americans learned he was one of the few people in the country to still have an AOL account. 
Vice President Mike Pence
“My wife said it was good for my image,” Pence said at the Gridiron Club dinner, a white-tie dinner of speeches, skits and songs put on by Washington's oldest journalism organization. “She said now America knows I’m not stuck in the ‘50s. I’m just stuck in the ‘90s.” 
Pence also read some of the comments made on Twitter after IndyStar broke the story Thursday that raised questions about the security and government transparency of the AOL account, which was hacked last summer.  
Among the social media slams: “Your grandma is hipper than Mike Pence.” Another said: “This is the most I’ve heard about American Online since I last saw the free disks on a counter at Blockbuster. #MakeAOLGreatAgain.” 
Pence was the headline speaker at the dinner, which takes a humorous look at the political scene.  He wore a black tie to the white-tie event, which he said he thought he could get away with until House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi asked him to refill her coffee.  
Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst, who represented the Republicans, said she’s impressed that Pence never needs a teleprompter. “Maybe that’s because every speech begins with, `Let me explain what the president meant to say,’” Ernst said. “And thank you for that. 
The Mike Pence I remember from law school was an outspoken, unapologetic conservative. But he also had an engaging personality and a wonderful sense of humor that won over even die-hard liberals at that school.  I am not sure where Pence's personality and sense of humor went during his four years as Governor (I blame his advisers who didn't know how to use Pence's greatest assets), but they appear to have returned as Vice President.  It is good that they did.  He will need those tools given the train wreck that the Trump presidency appears to be.

Pence's performance at the Gridiron shows how conservatives should handle the media.  No doubt most journalists have a liberal-bent and want to see conservative politicians fail.  But journalists also have many other things that influence their writing, even more so than political philosophy.  Pence appears to understand that and knows that winning them over as a "nice guy" goes a long way to developing more positive news coverage.


True Republican said...


Pence is ultimately responsible for his actions. His agreeing to serve as Trumps VP destroyed any conservative street creed he ever had. Him handling the media better than Trump is a low hurdle to clear. If his advisers were inept than he should have replaced them. His choosing of Marc Lotter to be his spokesman is beyond reason. Lotter spent years being Mayor Ballard's propaganda minister. A real conservative would kick Lotters butt to the curb.

Eric Morris said...

I allows considered Ron Paul the ultimate "Happy Warrior" for liberty and peace. Pence' boss disagrees:

To the victor go the spoils (of the empire's wars).

Anonymous said...

Pence's so called courage and humor left him when Daniels neutered him! Why else do you think he appointed "Bagman" Holcomb to be Lieutenant Governor?

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump and the Presidency

Published on 11 May 2016 under Personal
Donald Trump and the Presidency
Earlier this year I was excited and honored to be selected as a delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention. However, due to political developments since that time, and after considerable thought, I decided not to attend. I could not in good conscience attend a coronation and celebration of Donald Trump. My statement on the subject is below along with a summary of some of the firestorm that followed.


Soon after I released the statement, my position was echoed by former governor Mitt Romney, former governor Jeb Bush, former presidents George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush, and a slew of congressmen, including senators Lindsey Graham and Ben Sasse. Clearly there was a deep and growing divide within the Republican Party.

Although I was flooded with calls and emails of support, my position also naturally served as a lighting rod for some of Trump’s most passionate supporters, which have gained a well-earned reputation as some of the most belligerent in modern politics. Growing media coverage of my withdrawal fanned the discussion. The New York Times, CNN (here and here) and MSNBC both covered it, along with numerous local and regional media outlets like the Courier & Press, Indianapolis Star, Brad Byrd, and The Front Row Seat.

Some critics charged that I had a duty or responsibility to “represent the will of the voters” and attend the convention to vote for Mr. Trump. Why would they care? An alternate will go in my place who is likely to be far more supportive or compliant with Trump’s candidacy and goals. Ultimately I am not personally required to do anything so I have chosen not to serve as a delegate.

Some criticism resulted from a misconception of the process — in Indiana delegates are appointed, not elected. The prospect of a contested convention brought out a record number of applicants, including me. I believed Trump would not be the nominee at the time I applied, and if it ended up being contested I obviously hoped to take part. Although I applied to be a delegate with the seemingly small chance that he could be the nominee, at the time I applied I did not believe he would have the nomination locked up in a such a way as to make the convention a celebration of his candidacy. I want no part of that. Regardless, my views on the subject were well known prior to my nomination. This message below was posted on Facebook on March 1st, well before the application and selection process.

True Republican said...

This is Indiana attorney Josh Claybourn's statement on why he decided to withdraw as a candidate to the Republican National Convention last year.

Anonymous said...

Pence. Another term for "steaming pile". And we see it in Mikey's slavish devotion to the actuarily insolvent RyanCare/RINOcare being pushed by all the fake "R's". Am I going to have to agree with Paul that DJT is a disaster? Yes, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who should be [but will never be] locked up for her many crimes and for her treason against the Nation, would be the swifter end of the USA. But DJT's dropping his multiply repeated PROMISE to "repeal" Obamacare and his pivot and obeisance to Paul Ryan's tinkering with Obamacare which actually makes it so much worse... well, I am reconciling myself to the fact the E-Republicans are not going to repeal Obamacare. It is just that simple. They are not going to appeal Obamacare. How many times have we voted for Republicans who promised this and now that they can do it, they just simply will not?


Patrick Caddell: The Republicans Are "'The Party of Stupid'". Caddell nails it.

Nicolas Martin said...

It’s likely that all Pence did was to recite words written for him.

Anonymous said...

We need to build a wall around TrumpCare, if not Americans will die. Who needs terrorists when you have Republicans?